Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Half-birthday Christopher!

I can not believe my baby boy is halfway to his first birthday!  He is at a very fun age for me... he is sitting, cracking up at funny things (especially his big brother!), getting into toys a LOT, and getting to enjoy his first bits of solid food.  Here's my big boy:

Happy boy in his exersaucer!

No Mom, I want to be silly not take pictures!

Good lookin' boy!

With his bear on the blanket his Bapie made him.

Enjoying his cereal + breast milk... must have been bad timing because it looks like he doesn't like it but he is usually lunging for the spoon!

After his first serving of cereal... that is spilled  cereal on the high chair tray.  Somebody thinks it's fun to tip bowls over already!

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