Monday, August 27, 2012

That Awkward Moment: Breastfeeding & Working (part 2)

(I know, I know, I've been terrible about blogging lately...)

In honor of Christopher being 10 months old today and the fact that I have officially made it to 10 months of breastfeeding my little guy, something awkward had to happen around the topic of breastfeeding right?

Monday's are a special little day we like to call at work "war room day"... I sit in a conference room with some of my closest coworkers to work on European projects & video conference with our EU colleagues.

Well, I went to leave the war room to go to the lactation room in the building and a male coworker was walking out behind me.  The lactation room is a hop skip & a jump away from the room we were so he was going to see me "sneak in" even though I'm pretty sure everyone knows that I am a nursing mother.  (Or so I thought.)  To my surprise after I open the door he is right behind me saying "I've always wanted to see what is in this room!"  In my mind, I was thinking "wow, you want to see the inside of a lactation room?  I mean, it holds liquid gold but how did you know what was in here?" but of course I just kind of stare at him politely not really sure what to say.

The next words out of his mouth (after seeing the fridge, the sink, the lockers and the microwave) are "so what is this room?".  I looked at him and just said "A lactation room."  His response was the classic "Oh!  Okay..." as he scampered down the hallway clearly embarrassed he asked.  I called out behind him "Hey, you asked!"

This was a conversation with the father of 2 children...