Friday, April 13, 2012

That Awkward Moment: Breastfeeding & Working

When you're at your company's on-site medical center nursing your baby in the waiting room when your CEO walks in....

When you have your milk cooler in hand and you're walking the 20 feet to go pump and your previous boss stops you and says "going to have a snack?" and you just stare blankly...

When you're training 20 or so of your colleagues in the largest conference room in your department and your Outlook calendar reminder to pump pops up on the big screen... And then it happens again during the next training session you have to give...


  1. I'm glad you can laugh at these :) You go, mama!

    1. The good news is I made a change on my Outlook calendar to ensure one situation doesn't happen again. My pump sessions on the calendar now show up as "snack time"