Tuesday, October 4, 2011

37 Week Check-up!

I apologize but this blog is going to be pretty pregnancy & baby centric over the next few weeks... its the nature of being full-term and all of the excitement (craziness, etc.) that comes with it.  I also started this blog as a way to keep family up to date with our family happenings.

Today was my 37 week check-up and I had an ultrasound to check baby's size.  She estimates baby to be 6 pounds 2 ounces and said baby should likely only be gaining a 1/2 pound each week.  That would put me with having a baby slightly smaller (weight wise) than Jack was at 40 weeks.  Jack was 8 lbs. 2 oz. at 40 weeks exactly.  Of course an ultrasound is only an estimate... I'm not going to lie, an ultrasound at 37 weeks is very hard to see baby all squished at this point so I don't have any pictures to share.  I didn't even get to see the classic profile shot because baby is so low.  Oh well!  I did get to see that beautiful heart beating.  I was joking with Matt that I was going to find out what we were having, but I definitely didn't see anything even if it was up on the screen at all.  I am having a very hard time waiting to find out if this is a baby boy or girl, mainly because I want to meet him or her!

I was also about 2 centimeters dilated at 36 weeks, but not effaced.  This week I was still about 2 centimeters dilated but 50% effaced, so definitely seeing some progress!  I know this kind of progress is not any predictor of when labor might start, but I think its very encouraging to know that my body is taking steps in the right direction for full blown labor and delivery.  She mentioned induction as a possibility in the future, but was not saying it would provide any sort of guarantee that I would not tear like I did with Jack.  She also did not push induction at all, which I appreciate... I've heard of other people having doctors encouraging induction for the sake of scheduling.  I'm not against induction by any means, but for me personally if there's no medical reason I'd prefer not to go that route.  I would definitely say if she could guarantee an induction would mean not tearing like last time I'd be all ears and definitely qualify that as a medical reason.  The recovery from a 4th degree tear was definitely no picnic and I only had a newborn to hold during recovery... not a toddler running around in addition.  (Did you know that some women have to undergo physical therapy after that kind of tearing?  I'm very lucky I did not.)

My goal is to not to not go into labor before 38 weeks (one week from tomorrow)... that would put me at being "guaranteed" having maternity leave through the holidays by taking the full 12 weeks allowed.  Ha ha, I know I might be somewhat silly thinking I might go early, but I know 3 women (first-time mothers) who had their babies before 37 weeks last month.  I have been noticing quite a few more contractions this time around then I remember with Jack.  I suppose that could likely be because I actually know what I'm feeling.

I am still working full-time and feeling pretty good!  I think my body is actually handling this pregnancy better than my first.  I'm also being forced to stay active enough to keep up with a 2 year old, which could make things worse, I think is actually beneficial to me.  My maternity leave back-up plan is almost in a finalized format that I'll just need to updated at the end of each day, so I feel okay with how I'll be leaving my projects while I'm out.  I can only be prepared so much because I can not predict what might happen when I'm out on leave.

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