Friday, September 16, 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

So, quite an unusual (at least I think) trend has started occurring with the people in my life... we knew of 6 babies originally due in October (including ours).  Well, as of last week (the 2nd week of September) 3 of them (or 50%) had already been born!  Technically all 3 of them were before 37 weeks, or preterm, but they're all happy & healthy and at home now.  Thank God for those beautiful healthy babies!  Needless to say, I was motivated enough to start packing my hospital bag...

I'm only about 34 weeks and as of my doctor's appointment this week I don't have any dilation occurring.  (I don't remember being checked this early with Jack, but maybe I did?)  Now, I know things can change quickly as far as pregnancy and labor & delivery but I take that as a good sign (for now) that I won't be having this baby early.  I go back to the doctor around 36 weeks and then every week afterwards.  I have been noticing a slight swelling these days and my nose looking swollen/wide, the joys of the last couple of months.  I think I will probably get to about 37 weeks and wonder what's taking so long, but I feel like that's pretty typical pregnancy feelings at that stage!

34 weeks and 1 day... I really didn't feel that big until I saw this picture.  We are doing maternity/family pictures with my friend Brooke on Saturday.  We will be doing them with an A-Z theme and I can't wait to share the link to those pictures.
While Jack was at his first day of preschool, my mom and I went to the store and she got us our double stroller!  It's the Chicco Cortina Together stroller and it fits the infant car seat we already have.  We're so thankful for how generous of a gift it is and I know we will all put it to good use.  We I was so excited that we put it together that evening!  (I have a thing with putting things together, I kind of love it.)  Matt calls it the Escalade of strollers and Jack "made" us push him around the house a bit in it before bed.

Jack checking out the back seat.
The infant seat can go in either the front or the back seat, in case Jack wants to lay down he can be fully reclined in the back while the baby is up front.  Odds are that Jack will spend 99% of his time riding in the front (where he can see everything), but it is very nice to have the option.  Because the infant car seat can go either place, it also means that we could fit two infant car seats if we ever have twins... ha ha!

The basket down below is huge (goes practically the full length of the stroller), and when the backseat is fully reclined you just unzip the back to access the diaper bag.  The front seat also has the option of being open with two cup holders as end caps or to have a bar that goes across the front.  I suppose it will depend on the situation and how contained we need to keep Jack!

Folding the stroller isn't too cumbersome, but the fact that I am under 5' tall, trying to fold any double stroller is going to take some coordination.  I can do it pretty easily while this pregnant, so that's a good sign! 

Can you tell I'm pretty excited for the double stroller?!  I'm already thinking our "big" outing this fall/winter will be either (or both) a) cutting down this year's Christmas tree or b) going to see the Christmas lights at the zoo!

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  1. Cool stroller! My husband's siblings got us a Joovy and we use it ALL. THE. TIME. with the boys! It's neat because Dominic can either sit and buckle in or if it's just a short jaunt, he can stand up in the back. And of course, there's room for Vincent's carseat carrier! Wow, I can't believe you are so close to the baby coming! I can't wait! (lol, I'm sure YOU can't wait either...)