Monday, September 26, 2011

Jack & Mommy Day!

I took my last vacation day today (we have a use-it-or-lose-it vacation policy at work and all of our vacation must be used by Friday) which was much needed after this weekend!  Saturday, we were able to witness the vows of a friend from college and his high school sweetheart!  Beautiful ceremony and a fun reception... Jack loved to dance!  Jack kept pointing up front during the ceremony saying "Princess" when referring to the bride... yup, I'm a proud mama of my sweet, sweet boy!  Sunday we went to my sister-in-law's baby shower (she's due 4 days after me).  We can't wait to meet the little guy!

I had all big intentions of making today a big mother-son bonding day... It is a month away from my due date and I am really trying to get some extra time with the little guy.  Well, considering somebody decided to nap for 4 hours we didn't do a ton but we did get to enjoy each other!

Started out by getting breakfast at Krispy Kreme... I have a huge soft spot for fresh Krispy Kreme donuts and our timing couldn't have been more perfect!  My husband was able to come with us too!  We let Jack pick out which donut he wanted to have:

He called it "donut cake" because it has sprinkles on it!
Then we headed across town so I could get my hair cut (for the last time before the baby comes).  My mom and brother met us at the salon so they could entertain Jack for the 30-45 minutes I was getting my hair done.  They walked down the shopping center to a pet store where Jack got to see chinchillas, fish, and turtles!  What more could a boy want?

I had wanted to take Jack to see a "big movie" but I couldn't find any movies running that would be appropriate for his age.  I know Lion King is out, but only in 3D and I thought that would be a bit much on such a big screen with some of the intense scenes.  We took him to see Cars 2 for his first theatre movie and the only other one I could think of was the Pooh movie (definitely going to have to be a mother-son event since Pooh is the one children's series my husband can't stand, ha ha), but I couldn't find it playing anymore.  I need to figure out the local discount/late running movie theatres around here!

Well, that pretty much wrapped up our "big day" together... Lame, I know!  Jack did get a 4 hour nap, I napped 2 hours of that and right now have laundry going... I had to throw in some productivity!  Not sure what we're going to do for dinner, but I suppose I could cook....

Stay tuned for an update this week on how baby #2 is doing... I start going to the doctor weekly this week!  We're getting so close!

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