Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Jack's first day of preschool was today!  It was bittersweet for me, but I am really excited for him to enjoy this new adventure in his life.  Here are some of the photos from today:

First day of school breakfast - pancakes (that he hardly ate)!

A pretty traditional 1st day of school picture (at least in my family) of Jack wearing his backpack and holding his lunch box.  I think he looks so grown up in this picture!

Jack being silly with Daddy!

I took a vacation day today so I could drop him off with Matt and then pick him up.  It was definitely back-to-school weather with a chilly 50-55 degrees this morning (or as my husband says, football weather)!

Impatiently waiting outside his classroom for his teachers to open the door... he tried to open the door at least 3 times in 10 minutes.  He's in the Caterpillar classroom!

He barely let us help him take his backpack, lunch & sweatshirt off before he was playing!
We picked up this month's newsletter, this week was all about Apples.  HeWhen we said good-bye that morning he gave us both hugs and I told him I'd be back to pick him up after school.  He gave us hugs (probably realized that we at least I needed it more then him) and we said good-bye, no tears from anyone.  Well, when I picked him up I noticed his eyelashes looked a little stuck together and when I asked how he did his teachers admitted he cried a few times asking for Mommy & Daddy.  That pretty much broke my heart, but he still told me he had fun and all about his day.  Let's hope next week goes better... Matt gets to drop him off and my mom will be picking him up.  (That will be the school routine when I'm not on maternity leave.)

In other exciting news, my little brother is back from Germany!!  He spent a year in Munich studying and came back to fill out his paperwork to graduate.  Matt and I got to visit him last January.  I think he misses Europe already, but we're excited to have him back while he's looking for a job.  Who knows?  Maybe he'll end up there in a more permanent situation and we'd have more excuses to visit Europe!

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