Monday, October 17, 2011

Lots of Prayers Needed!

I am writing to ask for your thoughts & prayers for quite a few special intentions in my heart these days. 

A very dear friend's mother was hospitalized late last week after emergency surgery.  She is recovering, but still has the road of recovery ahead of her.

A family member of Matt's boss is pregnant and went into preterm labor, the doctors and nurses are working very hard to stop her labor from progressing.  She is only 28 weeks along, so prayers for the health of both her and her baby are greatly appreciated.

Prayers for my sister-in-law as her due date quickly approaches and this is her first child.  Please pray for the safe delivery of our nephew, as well as calm and confidence for her as labor and delivery draws nearer. 

Selfishly, I request prayers for myself and our family as we prepare for for the arrival for our second child, whenever he or she decides to make their appearance!

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