Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uddercovers Discount Code!

I'm updating this post because it appears as though their website is not working, so I'm not sure on the validity. Sorry!

This week is World Wide Breastfeeding Week... Uddercovers.com has a GREAT promotion for their nursing covers and even a gift package! Use the code "Breastfeeding" and it will bring your total to $0 for a nursing cover. You only have to pay shipping & handling. If you use the code when purchasing a 3-piece gift set, it brings your cost to $5 plus shipping & handling.

I got my Uddercover in the last year or so & I really like it! I actually got the gift pack that comes with washable breast pads & a nursing bracelet that helps you keep track of when the baby last nursed and what side the baby nursed from. The neck strap is adjustable (reminds me of an apron) and has a little plastic piece that bows out so you can look down & see the baby. This would've been especially helpful, in my experience, early on in breastfeeding. Jack would latch on & off randomly early on and it took patience & work to get him back on it. I found having a blanket or nursing cover to be very helpful when nursing because I'm pretty modest and Jack was VERY easily distracted while nursing (especially as an older baby or in louder rooms). I like the concept of a nursing cover because when Jack got older he would pull the blanket I was using off... which was completely ineffective! Jack was a summer baby so I really liked how it is made out of a pretty lightweight fabric!

They've got great prints for their nursing covers so go check it out & get a great deal!


  1. I just got mine using that code and it looks great! I didn't realize exactly how the bracelets worked - I'm intrigued!

  2. I really like my cover.. and the bracelet is kind of nice to have but not a necessity! Before I had it, I actually just used a regular silicon (prostate cancer awareness) bracelet and switched it to remember which side I nursed from before. The nursing bracelet actually doesn't have to be moved between wrists & helps keep track of time between nursing sessions.