Friday, August 20, 2010

Diapering Reviews/Updates!

I'll start out with the newest diapers we got & first impressions. They're currently in the washer so we'll get to start using them sometime this weekend!
  • Rumparooz (one-size, pocket diaper): We ordered two because of the rave reviews, one in "Lazy Lime" and another in "Platinum", both with snap closures. I LOVE the platinum color, too cute! They do come in velcro (which is nice for quick diaper changes), but we like snaps because Jack can't undo them! Well, at first glance I love the inserts that come with the diaper! Since it is a one-size they came with a newborn insert and a regular insert... it is called a 6-r soaker. It can be folded or paired 6 different ways! You'd have to see the diagram that is on their diaper packaging, but its a neat concept! The diaper has inner gussets, which are slightly different then the double gussets on the Thirsties Duo, but I'm not sure how they'll differ in functionality. It also has what is advertised as a "poop scoop" which is supposed to prevent blowouts... who doesn't want to prevent poopy blowouts?! What I think is the neatest part about this diaper, it can supposedly be used for babies as small as 6 lbs up to 35 or more pounds! The inside that goes against baby's bottom is the softest I've felt, I just hope it washes well and keeps the softness!
  • We also got a 2nd TotsBots pocket (in lemon), I'll explain why below. Jack does love to undo the velcro so we can't ever let him just run around the house in just the diaper for a bit!

After a week's worth of diapering here are some more insights with the diapers we got last week:

  • Thirsties Duo Diaper: I really like this as a very basic diaper! They're pretty cost effective for a one-size diaper, but I don't know that they feel that "high quality". They seem to do the job though! The insert (which is actually two layers that snap together before inserted into the diaper) is microfiber for the quick absorption away from his bottom, but the bottom layer is hemp/cotton. Apparently, hemp is known in the cloth diapering world for the ability to absorb a lot. Well, I'd agree with this statement because every time we've washed & dried, they never fully dry in the dryer so they always have to hang overnight. These diapers do seem to be pretty thin and fit pretty well under his clothes. We haven't tried this diaper overnight, and I don't think we would unless we added a prefold or other doubler.
  • BumGenius Deluxe All-in-One: I really like the all-in-one sized diaper! It is great for quick changes and fits REALLY trim. The big downside is the extended drying time it needs, easily overnight. The fact that this diaper is a sized diaper is both a plus and a minus in my book... it is nice because of such a great fit, but not so great that if we were to go with all sized diapers we'd have to buy a lot. I have heard though that if you stick with all one-size diapers that they typically don't make it through all of your kids because they will wear out after repeated washing over YEARS and YEARS! I think we'll always have a couple of these in the rotation because of their ease (especially when out & about) and great fit. They're also cheaper than most one-size pocket diapers so if we were to go with more all-in-ones they would be decently cost effective.
  • TotsBots Easy Fit: Well, we bought a 2nd one so that should've given you a tip that we like it! I must quote my husband, the first time we put it on Jack he was changing the diaper and said "Wow, this fits him really well!" Matt doesn't really get excited about diaper changes of any kind, so the fact that he noticed it is a good sign. The outer fabric feels to be a higher quality than all other diapers we have, and you do pay little of a higher price. I love that this diaper can be dried in the dryer and it feels VERY soft against baby. I read after we had washed & used these, that you're supposed to wash them a few times to get to full absorbancy... this is probably why the one time we used them overnight we had a leak (just pee). Contributing factors could be: 1) we didn't double up on inserts like we had with other diapers and 2) he wasn't changed 1st thing when he woke up... and it must have happened after waking because his clothes were dry when we got him up. They have a newborn size and at this point, I think we'd definitely get a few for our next child.

I know a couple of my readers have been enjoying the cloth diapering information so I hope this is helpful.


  1. Just came to blog for the first time in a long while and noticed we have the same background! Great mommy minds think alike :)

  2. Too funny, I was actually thinking about changing it because the fonts seem to be so hard to read!

  3. Natalie, I really like getting to read all of your reviews! So do you have more on the way or are these all the type you're trying? Will you continue to use a wide variety or are you pretty sold on using one or two specific types (particularly if/when baby #2 comes along)?

  4. I think I'll keep all of the ones we've ordered (they all work just fine), but Matt & I have been discussing which ones we really like and will possibly be purchasing more of. I'm between the Rumparooz (more review coming this wknd sometime) and the TotsBots. Both of those have newborn sizes as well! I love the TotsBots because of the semi-all in one but it dries a lot faster than the BumGenius AIO we have. The Rumparooz are just super soft and have the really cool "soaker".. I'll continue to do another update this weekend!