Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cloth Diapering Update

So, we've been using cloth diapers sporadically (when they're clean) for the past few weeks! So far, it has really been easy. Well, I guess since we are still using disposables when ever all of the cloth diapers that we ordered (only 6) are dirty or when we're out and about, we may not have gotten the full experience.

We've tried a few different types so here are my thoughts so far:
  • GroVia (one-size, hybrid options): We have it in a cream color with velco closures. I really like the fit of this diaper and it feels really sturdy, as if it would last a long time (a.k.a. through multiple children)! We haven't tried the disposable inserts yet, but I've read good reviews so I hope to try some soon.
  • Flip (one-size, hybrid options): We have it in a green (brighter) with snap closures (they don't appear to come in velco). So far, this one is just okay.... not bad, not that impressed! It is just one insert (with another disposable option, again haven't tried yet) that lies in the cover part. I guess it could be a little easier than a prefold diaper & cover, but I don't really see how. The insert does have embroidered on it where to fold for each size. The diagram online says when you're using it on a smaller size you put the folded end in the front for a boy & in the back for a girl. I wish the washable insert snapped in or had some way of securing it, but it really just slides under flaps i the front & back of the diaper and it doesn't feel very secure. No leaks though, so that's good!
  • BumGenius 4.0 (one-size, pocket diaper): We have two (came in a package), light green with velcro & white with snaps. I like pocket diapers the most overall so far. I feel most comfortable with putting Jack in them at night, while putting two inserts into the pocket. Compared to the other 2 types of pocket diapers we got to try, the one upside is the flap that goes over the slit you slide the insert in. Kind of hard to describe, maybe I'll get a picture to better explain this.
  • FuzziBunz (one-size, pocket diaper): We have an orange one with snap closures. I like this one because it seems to fit the trimmest on Jack (with just 1 insert). I do get kind of nervous though because it only has one size of an insert (others have a large and a newborn size), but we haven't seen any issues with this aspect.
  • Happy Heiny (one-size, pocket diaper): We have this one in red with velcro closures. I can not lie, I got this one to try because of the name (and my maiden name being pronounced the same), but it also got good reviews. I feel like this one is easily the bulkiest, and Jack really enjoys trying to undo. I suppose I shouldn't say trying, he gets it undone every time... this isn't much of an issue as long as we keep shorts/pants on him! Again, with this being the bulkiest it is harder to get those shorts/pants over the diaper.

Some other observations I have:

  • Poopy diapers are not too bad... in fact, not much more than using disposables, but we always use a flushable liner in the diaper. I guess, I shouldn't talk too much since Matt has gotten the majority of poopy cloth diapers.
  • The washing routine has been really easy to get used to, and I suppose it should stay this easy since we're only washing diapers every other to ever 2 days. We're in a constant state of doing laundry anyway... what is 2 or 3 additional small loads? I feel like once we build up our stash of cloth diapers we'll be able to be more efficient. This will also allow for it not to feel so rushed to get things dried & ready to go for the next day.
  • Jack used to break out practically every other day when we were only using disposable diapers... he hasn't had a breakout since we started using cloth diapers, even though we haven't been consistently using them.


  1. Wow, thanks for reviewing all these! So if/when you buy more, which brand(s) will you go with?

  2. I have another order on the way! They're actually all different then the ones i've reviewed here because I'm the type of person who needs to "see everything" to make a decision. Plus, all of the reviews I've read have been so mixed & I attribute that to kids body shapes so I'm trying to mix it up to see if we get any different preferences.

    I'll do another review when we get the new ones (any day now) and we've used them for a bit!