Friday, August 13, 2010

Scientific Observations of Cloth Diapering Thus Far

In honor of the engineering camp I got to help out with this week, I will be doing a scientist point of view for this entry! So, we're really enjoying cloth diapering so far! I just got another order of cloth diapers in and I'm really excited to try them! Since I'm a chemist, I always go through things and make my initial observations about appearance and how I think things will work. So, here's some initial observations on the few cloth diapers we just got:
  • Thirsties Duo Diaper (pocket diaper, 2 sizes of which we got the larger for 18-40 lb babies): We got this one in white with velcro closures, those seem fine... pretty standard in my opinion. I like how thin this one appears to be and it comes with 2 inserts (one micro terry & the other hemp) that snap together before you stuff the pocket. I think this separation ability will be nice for drying time. I do get nervous about how thin they are and that we don't get leaks. The "double gussets" (or little elastic parts) around the legs look different then other diapers and have a good "rep" so we'll see if we see any difference! I feel like this one will also be interesting when Jack is older because it goes up to 40 lbs. With disposables Jack always outgrew them before the weight limit was up, even though he's not really that big on the charts his thighs & tummy are the chunkiest part of him, so maybe having a cloth diaper that can go up to 40 lbs would be good for him in the long run.
  • BumGenius Deluxe All-in-One (all in one, large size for babies 22-30 lbs): We got this one with velcro closures in a yellow color (Matt's favorite and its neutral!). I really wanted to try an all-in-one diaper and this is the one I ordered to try. It got good reviews, still has a pocket to add extra absorbency for bedtime, and seems to be pretty cost effective. They have an organic version, but that's not necessarily high on our priorities because we'll be washing before use. I did read the instructions and you have to wash it a few times before first use to make sure its absorbent which is kind of annoying to me, but fairly common in the world of cloth diapering! I have wondered though if I should've ordered the BumGenius Elemental... okay, bad chemist joke!
  • Tots Bots Easy Fit (one-size, pocket diaper): This only comes in velcro from what I can tell, but that's fine with us! We got it in white, again gender neutrality so we can reuse for any future children we might have, plus it'll not show through any clothes if he's got lighter khakis. So, I must say I'm the most excited to try this one. It is a pocket diaper, but its close to an all-in-one because the insert is actually attached. I'm not doing a great job a describing it, so check out a picture here. (This would be the part of my lab notebook when I would be gluing a picture down to explain or drawing a diagram, haha!). It looks really absorbent and soft, using bamboo fibers. Again, as with all pocket diapers you can add more absorbency if needed! This is the first diaper I really wanted to try, but chickened out because it seemed as though everyone was using the more popular diapers (and there were more reviews of those diapers). They also have a newborn size because the smallest settings on most one size diapers start from about 8-10 lbs. This diaper goes up to 35 lbs. This one is also more expensive then others in the same category, but the newborn size is about $5 or so cheaper on the website I ordered them on.

I must say that trying to keep on top of one more thing as a working mother, I was extremely hesitant to try cloth diapering. So far so good though, and even my husband is on board! He's so supportive... got to love him!

We did have one poopy diaper explosion the other day, and Matt "got" do deal with it. I don't want to totally call out the diaper because there were a few mitigating factors:

  • Jack had gone a little longer between poops than he normally does....
  • He was sitting in the exersaucer while Matt was getting ready for work and we have had many issues with disposables exploding when he's sitting in the exersaucer because it just tends to squish things in the wrong direction as far as diapers are concerned.

P.S. I've gotten my orders from Kelly's Closet and I must give them props for the WEALTH of information they have on their site and variety of options. Very helpful to me. There are plenty of other websites out there that I've looked at but I do keep coming back to that one.

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