Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NFP Class #4

Wow, so I've been kind of bad about writing each time we've had an NFP class but we had our 4th class this evening! Things really clicked after the last class but since then I've actually weaned Jack so I have a feeling that some of the aspects of charting are going to be different in our experience. Just need to pay attention to the observations!

I borrowed a reference book for the postpartum period that is used in the Couple to Couple League's courses on natural family planning. I'm really excited to read it because while I feel like going through these classes have been very helpful the class we're in is more geared towards engaged couples. The instructor couple has been extremely helpful in interpreting our charts during the one-on-one time.


  1. Does the class still use "The Art of Natural Family Planning?" There is a great section in that book for post-partum and post-nursing fertility changes...

    God bless! I know it can be scary, but I also know the peace that comes after that! If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me...I'd love to help in any way I can!

  2. Our class uses materials prepared by the diocease of Cleveland. We also use the Billings method book as a reference.

    She brought "The Art of Natural Family Planning" this week as a reference but I opted to borrow the a book that is essentially a subset of that book (CCL broke specifics into smaller classes). I figure if it doesn't provide me with the right info. I'll borrow the other one!

    Thanks for the support Michelle!

  3. Hi Natalie! I just noticed your blog from facebook. Congrats on the NFP choice! We'll pray for you! John and I have only been married 6 months, but it has been such a blessing to our marriage - I hope you find the same! My oldest sister has used NFP for 19 years - so I ask her questions too! haha! We learned from "The Art of NFP" book too, I continue to reference it a lot! Another one I like a lot is "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition" by Marilyn M. Shannon. It has lots of great info. Awesome about the cheap flights too! :D Take care & God bless! Jack is so cute! Hi to Matt!