Saturday, March 13, 2010

Deal of the Day, Week, Year, etc...

So I don't know if you all remember the crazy flight that we had going down to TX last October? Well, long story short... we got bumped from our flight & had to spend 12 hours in the Minneapolis airport with limited diapers on our way down to TX for my friend's wedding and missed the rehearsal dinner! Because we were bumped from our flight Matt & I each got a $300 voucher.

Well, we booked our flights down to TX (for another wedding) and I thought for sure that the voucher wouldn't cover taxes & fees and we'd be paying that plus the difference if we went over $300 each. Well, ticket prices were at $260 plus taxes/fees... ok great, we wouldn't owe anything over the $300! Well the taxes and fees were about $42 and wow, the vouchers covered it! So for 2 roundtrip tickets to Austin, TX we paid $5.80!!

Can't wait for Kathleen & Tim's wedding in just under 4 months!!

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