Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This was scheduled to be posted December 23rd, but somehow it didn't and I never noticed.  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I'll post a Christmas follow-up soon I swear!

This year will be a big year for visiting family during the holidays.  Our Christmas celebrations started last weekend with Matt's grandma and a party out of town with our friends from college.  When we were celebrating with Matt's grandma, we got to participate in a Polish tradition of breaking of the bread.  The wafers are similar in consistency to communion wafers.  We each got a wafer and then went around the room breaking pieces off of each other's wafers while we exchanged well-wishes for the holidays and upcoming year!  It was a very neat tradition in which to participate and we might keep it up each year... it is something that they did with extended family when Matt was younger but haven't done in years.

Jack holding his youngest cousin, Evan.

Jack, Evan and Christopher... they're all making strange faces but at least their eyes are open!

Matt with our youngest nephew and Christopher!

Jack giving his great-grandma (Busie, a Polish nickname for grandma) a kiss!

My sister-in-law with her son Evan and me holding Christopher... both babies were all tuckered out!
Actually the celebrations started with Jack's Christmas program and party at school.  Of course we have decorated our tree too!

Matt with the boys while Jack enjoys snacks at his Christmas party!

Jack putting one of his snowman ornaments on our tree!

Getting to put the angel topper on our tree!


My company does a childrens' holiday party every year... definitely beats the lines at the mall to see Santa!  Mommy had to be in the picture because Jack wasn't so sure about Santa.  Santa also appears to have never held a baby before...
We continue into this weekend with a day trip to Indiana to celebrate with my Mom's side of the family; all of my cousins will be in town which is quite the accomplishment considering 1 lives internationally and 2 more live out west!  Christmas day will be jam packed as well waking up at home then going just across town to my in-laws' and my parents' homes. 

This is Jack enjoying the train that goes around my parents' Christmas tree.
The day after Christmas I'll be headed on a couple hour trip with the boys to visit with my dad's side of the family, unfortunately Matt has to work.

How are you celebrating this Christmas season?

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