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Fitted Diapers

A fitted diaper with a cover is by far and away my favorite newborn diapering option.  The fitted diaper keeps the poo off the covers (most of the time) so are almost guaranteed the ability to air out & reuse the cover once or twice before having to wash it.  We have a number of different fitted diapers and covers in our "stash" so I'll provide you with those details.

Goodmama Newborn
These diapers are one of my favorites with lots of positives and only a few bad things about these diapers.  I only have two and I like them a lot!  First negative, and the reason why I only have two, is the fact that they are so darn expensive!  I kind of hated spending the money on these two initially, but I'm glad I did.  These diapers all come in snaps (with a snap down for the umbilical stump), but what I found strange is that the two diapers I purchased, the snap configuration is slightly different between them.  That being said, I've never had any issues getting a good fit on Christopher so I would not say it is a deal breaker (at least for us), it is just strange.  Also, the two diapers I have do not have a cross-over snap option for skinny babies, but I think they diaper gets pretty skinny without that possibility.

The extra inserts that come with this diaper just lie in the diaper, they do not snap in like the Sustainablebabyish fitted diapers.  It isn't necessarily a good or bad thing.  They have potential to shift, which would not be good, but they also can be positioned in whatever way you need (i.e. since I have a little boy more towards the front) and you can use either one or both.  We typically used both layers of inserts and the absorbency was perfect for 2-3 hours between changes (and probably longer), but I feel like Christopher is more of a heavy wetter than I expected.  Some mom's swear you can use these diapers around the house without a cover so baby's bum could breathe a bit more but I don't think I would've been that brave (and I have a toddler to distract me from changing the baby as soon as the diaper is damp on the outside).  I would not personally recommend using this diaper without at least one of the extra inserts because this diaper does have exposed plastic from the backside of some of the snaps uses on the front.

The two diapers I purchased have velor against baby's skin and it has stayed so very soft... I think it has to be the most comfortable fitted diaper for Christopher.  That is just a guess based on what I'd want wrapped around my legs.  Again, not a big deal (especially because you have to cover these for the waterproof layer) the prints and colors available are adorable!  I kept hearing different things about these diapers selling out, but it tends to be the larger one-size diapers in crazy prints that sell out quickly for those who collect.  Since I was not picky on colors or pattern I ordered and received them quickly.  As far as sizing, they say they fit up to 12 pounds... They are currently still fitting Christopher and he is around 12 pounds and I think they will last us a bit longer.

Final verdict: We'll definitely be keeping these and I might order a few more for the next baby (when that time comes).

Sustainablebabyish XS Organic Bamboo Fitted
Most of what you can read about this diaper they use words like "bullet proof" in the description and they are certainly correct.  We've never even used the doublers that come with these diapers and they have lasted all night on Christopher.  I only have two negative things I can say about these diapers.  The fact that you have to use the thicker (double layer) insert to snap in, instead of having the option to just do a single layer (like the doubler that comes with the diaper).  Also, after 6 weeks of using and washing these diapers, they become stiff!  I am currently trying to strip them and hopefully get the softness back.  Some users of these diapers would even recommend a special fabric softener to get the softness back without affecting absorbency, but I am not sure if I want to go there yet.  Oh, and these diapers stain really easily which is pretty standard for a "natural fiber" diaper!  Being that it is winter I haven't had a chance to sun our diapers but I am hoping this takes care of the stains.  The stains are not a big deal to me because I know they're clean, but if I ever want to sell them I would like to get the stains out.

The size chart on the website says that the extra small fits until 11 pounds.  Christopher is about 12 pounds and these still fit him... barely.  They are definitely pretty snug at this point!  When I drafted this they still fit him, but they do not fit him anymore.  We're also running out of room on the snaps, so they are definitely true to their sizing.  The XS is the only size with the snap down for the umbilical stump otherwise I might have ventured into only the small size.  These only come with snaps, but there is the crossover snapping option if you have a super skinny baby.

These are another pricey diaper, but not quite as pricey as the Goodmama diapers.  The mom who runs this company almost always has a coupon out there for about 10% off and I actually ordered these diapers over a holiday weekend where it was buy 4 get 1 free.  Also, to get these diapers you have two choices 1) preorder months in advance of your need (ship dates are usually a month or two out from when you place your order) or 2) buy used from another mom (which is a great option for all newborn diapers since they aren't used too much).

Final Verdict: I will definitely keep some of these diapers... I might sell a couple because I don't think we need that many of these diapers, or I might not.  I am really holding out hope that I can get them to soften back up for a future baby!

Green Mountain/Clotheez Workhorse Diaper (size small)
If it weren't for this diaper I would have been a believer that when it comes to newborn cloth diapers you get what you pay for... but this fitted option is a very good choice for those who don't want to deal with prefolds (or have helpers who don't want to) but need something economical.  Naming it a "workhorse" diaper couldn't be more accurate!  It is essentially prefold fabric that is sewn into a fitted diaper.  The small (and all bigger sizes) have a built in doubled layer in the middle that is stitched on one side but is just a flap for easier drying.  Because it is essentially prefold fabric I would not say they're great for going longer stretches but they are great during the day!  What is interesting about this diaper is that you can order it with snaps or without (which is slightly less expensive).  If you get it without you would need to use pins or a Snappi to fit it around the diaper.  We have two with snaps in small (I also purchased a few medium for the future and a few in a XL for Jack), but I think I would be open to having some more without snaps to get a more "custom" fit on a baby next time.  Not a huge deal because these need a cover to go over them.

The extra-small has a snap down for the umbilical cord and doesn't have the extra layer or absorbency, but I have not tried these.  You can order a doubler for the newborn but it isn't sewn in like the larger sizes.  I ordered the smalls because the weight guideline starts at 9 pounds and I figured it wouldn't be long before my baby was that big (that was before I had a 6 1/2 pound baby).

I don't think we've ever had poo leak from these on to a cover, and they do not seem to be holding any stains.  The weight limit for the small says it can go up to 15 pounds and Christopher is definitely still able to fit into these.

Final verdict: I will definitely be keeping these and hopefully ordering more in this and different sizes.  The price and function simply can not be beat!

Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted
We really like this diaper!  It has an adjustable rise (similar to the way a pocket diaper can have) to fit bigger and smaller babies.  When snapped all the way down in the rise it easily fit under the umbilical stump for Christopher.  The absorbent center is only sewn in select spots so that they can dry quicker and it can also be stuffed with extra absorbency (i.e. a hemp insert) when baby needs it.  They have a stay dry lining against baby which is a big plus for a baby (*cough*Christopher*cough*) would really does not like being wet!  This diaper is very soft and has continued to wash well and I'm sure it feels nice when stretched around Christopher's legs.

The absorbency of this diaper alone is plenty during the day for a couple of hours.  I'm sure that if a hemp insert was added it would be great for an older baby or overnight.  My only issue with the absorbency is that this is microfiber... which tends to have issues with stink more often.  Luckily newborn diapers are not used as long as one-size diapers so hopefully that does not become an issue. 

We have two of these diapers in snap closures, but it also comes with the option of velcro.  I just went with snaps for increased lifespan for future kids (and avoiding of the diaper chain issue).  The snaps do have the cross-over snapping option for the skinny babies.

Final verdict:  We will be keeping these diapers and will possibly get one or two more in the future.  I hope they last us for a while on Christopher as the weight limit goes up to 18 pounds!

Kissaluvs Size 0
This is a diaper that most people talk about for newborns and I bought a couple.  I'm simply not impressed.  It works but it is just ok.  It has the umbilical snap down which is key for newborns, but the other snap configurations seem kind of strange to me.  I have never had any issues getting a fit around Christopher though. 

The absorbency of this diaper is probably the worst of all the diapers we have for pee, but we have had very few leaks (on to the cover) of poo.  Christopher soaks through it in about 30 minutes.  Maybe that's just dumb luck because we always change him around feeding (either before or after), but because he is so sensitive to feeling wet he's never in this diaper long.  The inside of the diaper also has exposed backs of snaps which I personally do not want against my baby.  They're smooth so I doubt they cause any pain, but I'd just rather fabric against his skin.  I'm sure this could be rectified by using a fleece liner between baby and the diaper, which would also help avoid the wet feeling but would not add absorbency.  Also, they have gotten a bit rough and stiffer with washing and wearing so I doubt they are as comfortable as they were when we first bought them.  I am hoping that stripping them will help that issue because these were super soft when I first bought them.

Final verdict: I plan on selling these at the swap at the local store we go to... they simply do not work for us.

Very Baby XS
These are easily the teeny tiniest little fitted diapers I have ever seen!  Oh, they are so cute!  These diapers were actually purchased used at the local swap sale but besides the outside fabric being a bit faded from washing they are in perfect condition.  They have a  snap in booster (that you have to use because otherwise you would have the male end of a snap against baby) which is lined with velor.  Well, the entire inside of the diaper is lined with velor.  The absorbency was great for day-time diaper changes and only felt soaked if we went too long between diaper changes.

The fabrics used may vary with where you purchase this diaper though because Very Cutey actually only sells the pattern and lists manufacturers/sellers on their website; a couple I checked out are on Etsy.  The pattern they sell has a variety of options for closure (i.e. front snapping versus side snapping or aplix) but I have ones that are turned & top-stitched with front snapping closures.  This might lead to variability in quality and fabrics associated with this brand, but I am happy with the diapers we have.  They have the umbilical snap-down in the XS size that we have.  These diapers were the first ones of which Christopher outgrew even though the website says it goes up to 12 pounds, they did not last that long for us.  I am grateful that I purchased them even though they looked small because I ended up having a peanut of a baby!

Final verdict:  I will plan on keeping these in case of a smaller baby in the future.  Part of me wants to contact one of the Etsy shops to see if they would do the small size with the umbilical snap-down because other than it being so small these diapers worked great.

Sustainablebabyish Small Bamboo Terry Flats
Okay, this is not a fitted diaper... in fact it fits in better in the prefold post, but I forgot to put it in there.  Whoops!  I would also claim that this diaper is so easy to fit around baby that it might as well be a fitted... ha ha!  I actually purchased three of these used because I am looking for more natural fiber inserts for our pocket diapers to get rid of the microfiber stink issues, but I digress.  I also have some in the medium size I purchased brand new but have not used yet.

These are super soft and even though they are called flats, you do not have to fold the the flat in crazy configurations in order to add absorbency.  It can just be folded around baby just like a prefold.  I have had far better luck with these as opposed to cotton prefolds because 1) they're bigger then the prefolds I personally bought and 2) these have stretch to them that really help me get a tight fit around baby and his legs.  I use a Snappi to secure them and it grips the fabric really well.  These are also a really good size for trifolding stuffing in one-size pocket diapers.  They are on the pricey end for a flat or prefold or even for pocket inserts, but they hold a lot of moisture and are easy to use!  These are still a cheaper option, especially if buying used, then going with all pockets or all-in-one diapers.

Final verdict: I will definitely be keeping these and may order more for inserts in our one-size diapers if we keep having stink issue with microfiber.

Stay tuned for the next post on diaper covers we have used!  If you have any questions on this or any of my other posts on cloth diapering, feel free to leave a comment below or email me so I can answer it for you!

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