Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cloth Diaper Covers for a Newborn

There are about as many options out there for cloth diaper covers as the actual diapers themselves... maybe even more!  Diaper covers are extremely simplistic in my opinion and our the experience with all of the ones we have has been a positive one.  Here are the diaper covers we've tried.

Bummis Super Brite Newborn Cover
These are the smallest covers we have and they worked fine over every fitted diaper we have when the umbilical snap-down was used.  They have a notch for the umbilical stump which easily fit under the belly button.  Once we no longer needed to snap that part down they didn't fit any more.  I continued to use them after the umbilical stump had fallen off but it wasn't quite healed.  These are a PUL simple cover that works well on smaller babies.

Final verdict: A couple of these will probably stick around for the next baby, but since they only last for the first few weeks maybe one or two would do.  I do have other diaper covers that I prefer.

Thirsties XS Diaper Cover
These are another basic PUL diaper cover and the only difference between this cover and the next is the fact that this cover does not have an adjustable rise.  It has double leg gussets which is huge benefit for diapering an exclusively breastfed baby.  There is also a small notch for the umbilical stump similar to the Bummis cover, but this cover is slightly larger than the Bummis so it rubbed on the stump for Christopher.  This cover only comes in aplix which is perfect for getting the fit needed.  This cover still works after we stopped using the snap down on the fitted diapers.  I do like that this cover has elastic at the top of the front, great for little boys and/or tummy sleepers.

Final verdict: We will keep this cover because it works during most of the newborn period and it has the double gussets!

Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover (Size 1)
Just like the Thirsties XS cover this cover has the double gussets.  The only difference is that this cover has a snap down rise and should fit a larger baby.  We have this cover in snap closure but it also comes in aplix.  We have not had an issue getting a good fit around Christopher, but having aplix would allow for a tighter fit in most cases.  Christopher is still using this cover with the rise snapped down so I am sure we will be able to use this for a decent amount of time!  Again, this also has the elastic top which is nice for little boys & tummy sleepers.

Final verdict: We will keep this cover because it works over a longer period of time and it has the double gussets.  I might get one in aplix closure in the future.

Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Cover
Just like the Thirsties Duo cover this cover has a snap down rise, but it has an additional row of snaps than the Duo.  Because of the extra flexibility in rise, I think it would fit a smaller baby just fine, but we didn't buy this until after Christopher was born so I can not speak to how it would do with the umbilical stump.  Like the Thirsties covers, this cover has the elastic at the top of the front.

I have two of these in aplix closures, but it also comes in snaps.  Rumparooz also has a great range of colors and prints.  If you're using cloth diapers might as well have some fun with it!

Final verdict:  We will keep this cover because it works over a longer period of time and it has the double gussets.

Sustainablebabyish XS Wool Cover and LongiesI really wanted to try wool covers with this baby and when you start reading about wool in the cloth diapering word the number 1 brand I kept reading great things about was Sustainablebabyish (a.k.a. Sloomb a.k.a. Sbish).  Wool covers are expensive in general, but just as using a coupon code with the fitted diapers I used it on their wool as well.

The wool pieces I ordered were so thick and comfy!  I lanolized these pieces (which is really a simple process after you do it once) before Christopher was born.  I was definitely skeptical of wool making a good cover and it really is an amazing cover.  Christopher has used this cover over a diaper all night without a single leak!

The downside to using these covers is that it is a stand alone piece, you should not use them under clothes.  The longies are just pants that would be used instead of other pants.  The inseam of the longies we have is pretty long and Christopher's feet still don't stick out of the bottom of them.  The waist is pretty stretchy so we will continue to try to use these longer.  It is very difficult, in my experience, to find shirts in a newborn or 0-3 month sizes, most of what is out there are onsies, so the benefit might be lost in the smaller newborn size (at least for daytime use).  The cover can be used under a gown, because it would not cause any compression of the wool which can lead to leakage.

There is a bit more maintenance and special care necessary for wool, but it is well worth it.  Wool only needs to be washed if they are soiled (i.e. by poo) or every couple weeks to wash and re-lanolize them.  I just turn them inside out to let them dry and air out between uses when they don't need to be washed.

Final verdict:  I will definitely be keeping these pieces for future babies.  They have washed and worn very well and they will continue to be in good shape.  Another big benefit is that if these are kept in good shape the resale value can be very high when I am ready to get rid of them.

Hope you've enjoyed my series on cloth diapering a newborn!  Feel free to comment or email with any questions about our experience through these

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