Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pocket/All-in-One Diapers - Part 2

Now on to the newborn pocket diapers that we have tried.  As I explained in my previous post, these have very similar pros and cons as their larger counter parts, but I am focused more on the specific diapers we tried on Christopher.

FuzziBunz XS
We have the ones with aplix closures and if it weren't for that these might be our favorite pocket newborn diaper.  You may be wondering, why didn't you just get the ones with snaps... well, its because I'm cheap and I got most of them on sale or for free.  Okay, okay that's not the only reason... I also wanted to like this one because I prefer aplix for getting a more custom fit.  I kept reading that getting a custom fit was key in cloth diapering a newborn, so I really wanted these to work. 

And they do... until you do laundry.  Even my sweet, mild-mannered husband told me he hated the velcro on these diapers.  It is a very frustrating situation when you fold them over onto the non-existent laundry tabs to prevent the dreaded "diaper chain" when pulling diapers out of the washer.  Well, not only is the diaper chain not prevented it becomes even more frustrating when you try to unstick them and it is so hard to unstick these tabs.  You would think that if they are so hard to unstick from their quasi-laundry tabs they would not wreak such havoc by creating the chain.  It is quite the conundrum.

The absorbency is good (although it only comes with one insert) and, as with all pockets, you can add hemp or another type of insert for more absorbency if needed. The fit is good, once you get past the sticky aplix, but we didn't use these when Christopher still had his umbilical cord stump so I can not speak to how high the rise was (it looked too high to me which is why we didn't use it right away).

Final verdict: I am not sure if I will sell these at the next swap at our local store or try to get them converted to snaps. 

Happy Heinys Mini One-Size
Now, why it is called a "mini one-size" I understand, but it still seems kind of silly.  This is a newborn pocket diaper that has a snap down rise.  The adjustable rise allowed us to use this diaper when the umbilical stump was still on and we got a great fit!  Similar to the Lil Joey's, I feel like we went through a weird phase when the adjustable rise wasn't working for us.  Christopher must have been between rises, that is the only way I can explain why we went through a funky fit period. 

This one is slightly more bulky than the FuzziBunz, Tiny Tush and Lil Joey's, but I really like this diaper.  It does only come in aplix closure, but we did not always experience the diaper chain when washing (although it did occur a few times).  The cross-over tabs look very nice when you need to cross them over.  The thicker band/tabs always make me feel like diaper is on securely.  While not a big deal, I feel like a really nice aspect of Happy Heiny's are the fact that you have a lot of options in colors & patterns... if you like showing off a cloth diaper bum, these are a great option!  Ha ha!

Final verdict:  We will be keeping this one and I might order a couple more because they will fit Christopher as he gets bigger and not be as bulky as the one-size diapers we have.

Tiny Tush Elite Mini
These are the pocket diapers that we have had the least amount of time, but are one of my favorites so far.  Like the Happy Heiny these diapers have an adjustable rise, but it is far more adjustable by having more levels to snap down.  We never went down to the smallest rise, and I'm not sure if Christopher was ever small enough for it, but this diaper would easily fit a tiny baby.  Even on the second to smallest rise it was very trim on Christopher.  The reason I purchased these diapers a little later (he was about 2 weeks old) is because I quickly realized I am not a huge fan of trying to put these huge one-size pockets on him as a 10 pound baby... I wanted some options to last him until he was a little bigger and be trim.

It comes with a more unique microfiber insert which is flat and you fold it to insert it into the pocket.  I have not played around with it but it looks like you could fold it in half for longer coverage or into thirds (what we do).  As we get into higher rise settings we will probably move to folding it in half, but will likely need to add a hemp insert at that point to give more layers of absorbency.

We have some in snaps and some in aplix.  I like both closure options for different reasons.  The snaps wash & wear better (as with all cloth diapers with snaps), but the aplix gives a better fit and will likely last us longer as Christopher gets bigger.  The way the snaps are arranged (two across) will likely run out of room meaning one snap would be against his skin (which I am not ok with) if we try to go to wide.  My little guy has a big belly, so the aplix will allow us to use this diaper longer.  Also, the laundry tabs that are on these diapers (the ones with aplix closures) hold up really well.  So far, they have not caused any diaper chains!

Final verdict: We will be keeping these!

We also have one Thirsties Duo Size 1 diaper that I am currently prepping to be used for the first time.  We love these in the larger size so I am excited to try the size one version.  In my humble opinion, if you have boys and/or a tummy sleeper the Thirsties Duo diaper is great because of the front elastic!

Stay tuned for fitted diapers and Sustainablebabyish "flats"!  If you have any questions on this or any of my other posts on cloth diapering, feel free to leave a comment below or email me so I can answer it for you!

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