Monday, August 8, 2011

Someone Thinks He's Big Stuff

Today we found out Jack will get to start preschool next month!  We had put him on the waiting list for the toddler class, which is one day a week for 4 hours, at my parents' parish and got the call today that someone decided to pull their child and Jack gets a spot!  I'm so excited for him to get that interaction with other children his age and get that exposure to having to follow rules set by someone else... all of those good things about growing up.  I can't believe that my baby is going to go to school though... it is definitely bittersweet for this hormonal mommy!  Next steps:  paperwork, figuring out if he can wear his cloth diapers, parent meeting and "meet the teacher"... (Am I really old enough to go to "Meet the Teacher" as a parent?!)

Today was also a crazy day at work for both Matt and I, so we decided to order pizza for dinner.  I suppose we were kind of celebrating too.  Jack was VERY excited about pizza... which he usually will be excited about a meal in theory but it is a crap-shoot on whether or not he will actual eat (excluding something yummy like ice cream).  Here is a play-by-play of what transpired starting with the pizza delivery man:

(Pizza delivery car pulls into the driveway)

Matt (walking to the door): Pizza's here!

Jack (standing on our couch looking out our front window, waving):  Pizza! Hi!  Hi!

(Matt opens the door to sign and get the pizza, Jack hops down off the couch and runs between Matt's legs)

Jack:  Hi!  Pizza!  Dank yous! (Yes, that is "thank you")

Pizza guy: Hi.

Jack (as the door is closing): Dank yous!!

Pizza guy: Ha ha, you're welcome!

Jack runs into the kitchen following Matt, yelling "pizza!"

He proceeds to start to pitch a fit, complete with waterworks, because he wanted pizza now.

Matt: Jack, I'm putting some on a plate to cut up.

Jack: No!!  This!  (pointing to the pizza)

Matt: Yes, we're putting pizza on your plate.

Jack: Up!

Matt lifts him up, Jack keeps pointing at the pizza saying "this"... Matt hands him a slice of pizza (it was cut party-style).

We finally end up coercing him to sit at the kitchen table with his whole piece of pizza after refusing to let us cut up the pizza.  Watching him attempt to take bites out of the pepperoni was quite entertaining throughout dinner.  He kept taking a bite out of his pizza while not quite cutting through the whole piece of pepperoni and not sure what to do when he pulled it off the pizza between his teeth.  He proceeded to open his mouth to let the too-large pepperoni fall down his front.

Matt (after watching this occur several times):  Jack, I just washed the floor last night!

Jack (looking down glumly, almost muttering): Seeet  (You can imagine what 4-letter word we thought he said that started with "s" and ends in "t")

I immediately start dying laughing... giggles to the point of tears.

Matt (remaining somewhat calm but still chuckling): What, Jack?  Seat?

Jack (pointing down between his legs): Seeet!

My giggles were uncontrollable at this point, I had to take off my glasses to wipe my eyes.  Jack had joined me in my giggle fest and was cracking up at my hysterics!  (Honestly, I tend to get giggly towards the end of my pregnancy... I remember Matt's stares at my ridiculous giggles when I was pregnant with Jack).

I can't believe my son is old enough to be going to preschool, use his manners with the pizza delivery man, eat his pizza without it being cut up and using 4-letter words (even if they're not really the word his ridiculous mother thinks they are!).

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