Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sharing Science with Our Little Guy!

As a chemist who works a full-time job away from my child, I really want to teach him (them) about what Mommy does when she's away, of course the big picture of science.  I am also the local section chair-elect (will be chair in 2012) of the American Chemical Society.

It is scary for me to think of the current state of the science and math education children are receiving... this is not knocking any teachers out there by any means, I am good friends with many amazing teachers.  (You can view the posts of my math teacher friend providing new ways to teach math here and their YouTube channel is here).  I am of the opinion that overall the amount of science offered is simply not enough, and the content tends to be incorrectly focused, leading to a decline in the interest our children have in pursuing further education and careers in science.  These are just some of the reasons why I will provide extra encouragement my children to learn, understand and most importantly, enjoy science.

We recently received free passes to our local science museum called COSI from my work... Matt and I had both been there as kids, but it had moved a number of years ago to its current location.  Here are some adorable picture of Jack enjoying the day:

A little bit about the power of flowing water!

Playing a piano of which the keys played sounds the human body makes... I'm sure in a few years we'll have to avoid this due to the silliness it will bring out in my little boy.

A giant water table with pieces he could mix and match to direct the flow of water as it moved downstream.

Jack the builder... the boy could hammer and build all day!  Future engineer?

I simply love this picture... when I was in junior high I volunteered at a natural history museum where volunteers were known as "Lab Rats".  It was an amazing experience that really took me out of my comfort zone when I got to go spelunking (caving) multiple times and it helped spark my love of science!
I was pleasantly reminded by a coworker that Mole Day (October 23rd) is only 3 days before baby #2's due date... and yes, I am so nerdy that I am hoping that he or she will make their entrance into this world that day!

You can view some of my previous posts on chemistry here, one of the first posts I wrote included some kid-friendly activities.

What are some of the ways that you see science daily and share it with your children?

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