Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Time!

It's becoming more and more important to spend quality time as a family of three these days... before we know it, we'll be a family of four.  Not that we aren't a family of four now, it's just that the fourth member isn't crying or taking up room in Mommy or Daddy's arms yet. 

I am so happy that we have the whole weekend off together, no plans with friends, no family members vying for our time... just nice to spend time as the three of us!  Today's plans included a trip to the zoo and the weather could not have been more perfect!  It was the mid-70s and sunny with a nice breeze for most of the day.  Here are some pictures of us enjoying the zoo:

Jack getting to pet a flamingo! This is the second time he's gotten to touch them and he loves it!

Petting a goat at the petting-zoo area!  Every movement (even inhaling) the animals made when Jack got close caused him to jump away and giggle, it was pretty entertaining.

Me and Jack sitting on the train before a train ride!  Jack loves the train ride!

Jack and Daddy waiting to leave the train station!

A picture courtesy of Jack... I think we've got a "big brother" gift idea!
Hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with those they love!

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  1. I always enjoy family time. It seems life gets so busy anymore that these times become very precious and important to have on the weekends.