Monday, August 22, 2011

Less than 10 Weeks Until...

Baby #2's due date!  I'm definitely starting to get more physically exhausted as the days go on... even the swelling is starting to kick in.  I'm grateful that its not been too bad so far.  I am attributing it to the fact that I've been much better this pregnancy about drinking my water!  Here's a belly shot of me at 30 weeks pregnant:

August 17, 2011 (30 weeks pregnant)
I'm very happy to say that my net weight gain so far is less than where I was with my pregnancy for Jack.  This pregnancy I am definitely carrying much lower (my doctor has commented recently) which has led to a bit more back pain at this point.  I even wear a pregnancy support belt most days, especially to work.  It helps some I believe, even though wearing the belt itself is not the most comfortable thing. 

Laying on my side (as your supposed to in pregnancy) has proven very difficult more recently.  I noticed during the 2nd trimester that my hips already felt very "loose"... not that I was surprised since it is my second.  After laying on my side for any amount of time, trying to get up to either a sitting or eventually standing position has been painful.  I brought it up at my last doctors appointment and after she examined my alignment told me my alignment looks good and my hips don't hurt when walking around, it might be a bit of arthritis brought on by pregnancy.  (She asked if I had noticed any postpartum joint pain after Jack, I said no, but I wasn't sure if I would've noticed since I was recovering from fourth degree tearing.)  Right now my options are heat (i.e. a warm bath or compress) and/or Tylenol at bed to try and take the edge off of the pain every time I switch sides and when I get up in the morning.  If these things aren't helping or things get worse, she might lean towards some steroid treatment.  I really don't want to medicate myself nightly for the next 9 weeks or start steroids, but we might get to that point...

In more fun topics, our newborn cloth diaper stash is COMPLETE!  At least as complete as it is going to be until the baby is born (we will learn what fits and what doesn't at that point).  The only thing we might get more of would be a few more covers, but we're within the "guidelines" I've read online.  Here are pictures of our complete newborn stash:

A picture of our whole stash! (34 diapers total)

5 pocket diapers and 5 all-in-ones

12 prefolds (you know, the old fashioned kind), 12 fitted diapers, 5 wrap style diaper covers, and 1 wool pull on diaper cover.
Yes, we have more than the "recommended" 24 diapers but mainly because I highly doubt everything will fit during the newborn phase.  I'm very thankful that once we figure out what doesn't work I will be able to sell some of those at the next swap our local cloth diapering store does twice a year.

Feeling very excited for the baby to make his or her appearance in October!  Jack has been saying the past couple of days "baby come out Mommy belly" and rubbing my belly... he's such a sweet boy!  I can't wait to see him as a big brother!


  1. You look phenomenal! So exciting! Will be praying for you to have a comfortable 10 weeks!