Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Lamb Kidz Halo Tshirts Review

I am honored to get to review the new Halo shirt from Little Lamb Kidz.  First, a little background about Little Lamb Kidz (I would never provide a product review without also providing company background):
What happens when a child is first exposed to children of other faiths? Without proper guidance, confusion and conflict can set in. Little Lamb Properties, LLC and its New Spiritual Child Development™ program provides an avenue to introduce your child to the existence of other faiths in ways that foster respect and understanding. Scripture and beliefs unique to any one religion are left at the door. One way this is accomplished is through a series of fun-loving media characters of multiple faiths that behave and interact like children – they laugh, they live and they love their pals without prejudice or fear.

The goal of Little Lamb Properties is relatively simple in concept, yet at the same time, quite powerful. They aspire to reach all children, of all faiths and backgrounds, and help them develop strong spiritual roots which will guide them and ground them for years to come.
This is something that is near & dear to my heart.  As a Roman Catholic woman, I was blessed to be able to attend Catholic school through grade school, high school & college!  I will never forget one of my favorite classes in high school, it was on world religions.  Now, it may seem strange that our Catholic high school was educating us on other religions, but education and awareness is something that is necessary to learn how to be understanding.  As part of the class, I got to do research on Confucianism and it not only strengthened my faith but helped me understand truly how universal some of our Catholic teachings are. To this day, I have been strengthened in my faith due to being able to converse with those from different faiths.

In college I participated in a fundraiser for a very special charity called SmileTrain.  Here is a bit of information from the press release provided to me from Little Lamb Kidz:

Cleft lip and cleft palate are the most common birth defects of the head and face for children worldwide. Children with cleft lip/palate suffer from multiple health issues including difficulty breathing and eating, ear infections, hearing loss, speech and language delays and dental problems. Multiple surgeries and long-term follow-up care are often necessary. There are currently millions of children throughout the world who simply can not afford to have their cleft lip/palate medically treated. In developing countries, a child with unrepaired cleft lip/palate is not allowed to attend school or a job. They are looked down upon by their community and live a life of isolation and shame.
The company Little Lamb Kidz has started The Halo clothing line to support SmileTrain.  I received a tshirt to review and it really is pretty adorable for my little boy!  The logo glows in the dark which is a fun extra feature and great for getting kids to enjoy their clothes.  The shirt is preshrunk so the size when I pulled it out of the package was accurate to how it would be after I washed it for my little guy.  The quality is great, the screen printing will last through many washes & wears!  I did receive a 3T, so it is a little big for Jack these days but as a tshirt it should be perfect for next summer!

Details on how this tshirt supports SmileTrain: 10% of the sales of this shirt go to SmileTrain, to help provide cleft lip/palate surgeries to children in third world countries.  At under $19.95 for an adult shirt and under $14.95 for a children shirt, that results in a minimum of $1.49 going to SmileTrain for each shirt sold!  You can order them here.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a PR rep from Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC on behalf of Little Lamb Kidz.  I received a child's tshirt, press release & image included above to facilitate my review.  I have not been compensated in any other way for this post, and my thoughts expressed above are completely my own.

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