Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY Grippy Socks

I recently read an article over at I am Momma-Hear Me Roar on how to make grippy socks using standard socks and puffy fabric paint.  Here are the steps I took to make some for Jack:

Socks in your child's size:  I bought some from WalMart similar to those found here (in fact, I think they're the exact same size but I bought them in smaller than a 12 pack).  Cost per pair = $0.73
Puffy paint:  I know you can get bigger bottles, but I got the smaller ones for ease of handling in my small hand.  Cost per bottle = < $1; I estimate this boils down to $0.05 per pair for paint, depending on how much you use on your design
Cardboard:  I just remember fabric paint always going through fabric when I've used it in the past.  I decided to use empty cardboard toiletpaper tubes because it ended up being about the perfect length to fit into Jack's size sock.  Cost = free because they would've otherwise been thrown away

Total estimated cost per pair of homemade grippy socks = $0.78
Store bought grippy socks = $2.00 at Gap, $1.50 at Old Navy or $1.00 at Target

Photos of the process:

Tubes from toilet paper roll, each tube cut into thirds.
Put the outside of the curve against the sole of the sock, where I would be painting, to make sure to smooth out the fabric.
Before painting (they are previously worn/washed)

My color palate of puffy paint!

After (still wet)!  I just had fun and played around with different shapes.  I will probably see which ones help Jack the most before repeating this process on more socks!

 I had a lot of fun doing this!  I will possibly get a little more creative in the future with the designs to show a bit more of Jack's personality, but I wanted to start small.  You could probably apply the same concept to knit adult socks to make grippy slippers!


  1. Crafts I want to do while on Christmas break!

  2. uh oh...does Rachel have trouble staying on her feet in the dorm?!

  3. Great job! Good thinking inserting the cardboard from toilet paper rolls! Thanks for sharing this with me. Glad it worked out well for you!


  4. You have no idea how happy I am to have run across this post! I had back surgery in July and had an unexpected setback. Two of the nerves in my back were damaged and I am now in a wheelchair...hopefully just temporary, but it is possibly permanent. The grippy socks they gave me at the hospital were so huge on my size six feet that they were a fall hazard themselves, and I just paid 10 bucks for two pair of Dr.Scholls spa socks last night. I decided there had to be a way to make them and this is the first site that caught my eye when I googled it. I can happily say that I have at least 30 bottles of puffy paint that I use for card making. Guess I have a new use for it now! Than you for sharing...and saving me from a potential fall!

  5. Thank you for posting your idea. My dad is in an alzheimers care facility and has had a number of falls. The staff has been requesting grippy socks but we couldn't find them at Target etc. This is an easy fix...something my dad and I can do next time I see him. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Check out for full rubber soled socks.
    They have a great range and ship internationally.

    They also do adult sizes on request!