Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kawaii Cloth Diaper

When I ordered some cloth diaper laundry detergent (Rockin' Green, which I still haven't started using because I'm waiting to run out of the 1st batch of detergent I bought) and a couple of new wet bags a little while ago, I used a free cloth diaper coupon I got from Kelly's Closet.  I wanted to provided a review of the free diaper I got, because I was pleasantly surprised:
  • Kawaii (one-size, pocket diaper):  We got this diaper in a blue with velcro closures.  I must admit that when I got this as my free diaper, I was kind of disappointed.  I took it out of the plastic and it didn't seem that great at first glance... I was thinking "no wonder this is only $9.99."  Boy, was I wrong!  The fleece that is against baby's bottom is SO soft and has held up to washing very well so far.  When stuffing the inserts, I noticed the waterproof liner was not sticky like other diapers, the hole is kind of tiny but stretches open pretty decently.  The two inserts it comes with are very trim.  I could see them being kind of bulky on a little baby because there is no difference in the length/size of the 2 inserts, but maybe not.  We've used this diaper overnight with no leaks (with both inserts in) and it was still really trim.  Jack tends to get major bubble butt with overnight diapers, but not these.  The one thing I don't like is the laundry tabs to keep this diaper from sticking to others in the wash (which has happened a few times, with no "damage" to other diapers)... but the diaper does come in snaps!  I suppose I could always put bigger laundry tabs on in the future too!
Overall, I would say this pocket diaper is great for someone on a tight budget who doesn't want to deal with prefolds (because I don't think I want to).  I wouldn't mind adding more of these to our stash, especially when/if baby number 2 comes along and our budget is even tighter.

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