Sunday, November 14, 2010

Relaxing Fall Weekend!

This weekend we've tried to keep it low-key.  Our week was very busy with Carol's wake and funeral.  Matt did have to go to work for a meeting yesterday, but he was making a sale so it was a great use for his time.  Friday, I went out to a bar downtown with friends for my friend Holly's birthday.  Her birthday is referred to in comparison to her 21st, so this year it was the 4th anniversary of her 21st birthday.  Here's a picture of me & the birthday girl:

(Too bad my glasses slid down!)
Today, we had a family outing to the zoo!  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out and the crowd was thin at the busiest.  I think we saw the most in one trip today, then we ever have! Here are a few pictures from our trip:
Petting the goat!

Polar bear standing on the window above us playing with some shell/toy thing!  He loved that toy!

Getting a ride from Daddy!


This is how close you can get to the kangaroos!  Jack loved it!

In lieu of a child leash, Matt kept a hold of Jack by his hood.  The boy can pick up speed going downhill!

Being an octopus... he kept wanting to stick his head all the way through and look down at the ground.

Jack's hand in the scuplture of an adult male gorilla.

Nemo... "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"  Reminding me that I need to watch that with Jack!

Four of the six manatees we have at our zoo.  The water was actually clearish too!

The baby elephant statue

Rino... that Jack growled at.

Jack next to the painting of a tiger standing up.  Looks about 2 1/2 feet here and he was 31 inches at his dr's appointment last month, so the display is pretty accurate!

Papa lion was passing back & forth in front of us.  The mama lion was staring at something, possibly thinking there was prey in another exhibit!
So while our weekend seemed to be pretty busy, it actually has been relatively low key for us!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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