Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

A very Happy Halloween to all of you!  Here in central Ohio, trick-or-treating (or beggar's night as some call it) usually doesn't occur on Halloween.  Silly in my opinion, but at least it extends the Halloween celebrations!

We had a great time passing out candy with our next door neighbors.  We sat out on our shared driveway, they brought out their fire pit, and saw a lot of kids in GREAT costumes.  I did get annoyed with some of the kids who just walk up & don't say "Trick or treat" although I'm understanding of the littler ones who may just be shy... in fact one child (about 10 years old) walked up and just stood there, I looked at him and said "Um, trick-or-treat?" and he finally said it.  Sorry, if you're too cool to say "Trick-or-treat" you're too cool for my candy!  After I took Jack inside, Matt said he actually had kids turn down what he was going to hand them and picked something out themselves.  (They're lucky I wasn't in charge of the candy, haha).  Overall, it was a blast!  My friend Brooke & her husband and 3 little girls came over to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.  Jack LOVED seeing all of the other kids in their costumes, laughing & clapping for those coming up our driveway!  It was pretty cute!

This year Jack was a "Jack-rabbit" with an adorable costume made by my mother-in-law.  For most of the trick-or-treat evening he was a brown thing with a tail.  The headpiece wasn't worn but for a few split seconds as we continually tried to put it on him before he pulled it right back off.  Shocking, since the boy LOVES to wear hats, oh well!  Here are a number of failed attempts to get a picture of him in full costume.

My friend's daughter, Izzy distracting Jack as I attempted to take his picture!  Izzy is great at making Jack smile, her mom is "our" photographer.
Might be the best picture I have, but he's already in the middle of pulling the hat off and you can't really see the ears!
Here are some pictures of our Jack-o-lanterns from my wonderful husband who did all of the cleaning (which I hate to do) & carving:

From left to right: Little Jack (a Jack-o-lantern from Jack's favorite book), a pumpkin with Jack's name carved in it, and a kitty jack-o-lantern.  (And yes, this picture was taken in our kitchen on top of the stove, it was just too windy to keep the pumpkins lit outside)

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  1. He looked so cute! Brendan is the same way with stuff on his head - he just won't leave it on there. Y'all's pumpkins look awesome!