Thursday, October 14, 2010


If you've met me before, you're well aware of the fact that I'm petite.  I guess you could say that "petite" is an understatement as I'm 4'11.5".  I've had many peers ask me throughout the years if I had to have restrictions on my drivers license or if I was legally considered a "midget."

Of course, being petite has always caused clothing shopping to be extremely difficult.  Petite clothing are made for someone under 5'4" and being over 4 inches shorter means that I even have to get petite clothing hemmed!  I have spent most of my life searching for a brand of clothing that offered pants or dresses that fit!  After all of my searching, I know that I can get jeans/pants at Old Navy in their petite sizes that fit in waist & length... as long as I can stay in the same size.  I was up one more size post-baby but needed clothes to go back to work and I needed those pants hemmed.  My long-term goal is to buy a sewing machine and learn how to do some basic alterations (a.k.a. hemming), but I'm holding off on buying clothes for myself these days so I will hold off on the purchase of a sewing machine as well.

I'm definitely not complaining, but just thought I'd share some observations on how just a few inches can affect your perspective.  Other things you may or may not know about being short are:
  • Every car we purchase must have an adjustable drivers seat.
  • In airplanes and many office chairs that do not have adjustable height, my feet don't touch the ground.  This often results in my legs/feet falling asleep in any meeting longer than an hour.
  • When my son wiggles while I'm holding him, I can barely hold on to him.  He is well aware of this fact and uses it to his advantage.  (Note: he does not wiggle as much with Matt because he knows Matt can hold on to him.)

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