Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punkin Pickin' with my Punkin

We went to Lynd's fruit farm yesterday to go for a wagon ride & get pumpkins!  Matt & I have never actually gotten pumpkins because this is the 1st Halloween we've been married that we're in a house.  Jack's first Halloween was not very exciting.  Matt had to work & we were in the process on moving so things were hectic to say the least!  Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Jack & Me on our wagon ride!

Picking a Goldrush apple right off the tree!

Trying to take a bite... teeth must not be sharp enough!

On the wagon full of pumpkins... we didn't bother with these!  Have to get them from the patch!
Matt is an excellent pumpkin hunter!

Walking in the patch to find pumpkins!

Jack with our 3 pumpkins from the patch!

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