Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekends are my Fav!

I seriously can't get enough of weekends! Again, work has been super busy and I am so thankful that the weekend is here.

We spent this evening at our good friends' house with another family. It is always so great to get together with them because our kids are very close in age (three are within 1 month of each other) and we've all known each other since college (or before). We discovered today that Jack does not like bubbles... at least not when blown in his face! Who knows, we'll try again at a later date. It is always so fun to see the different points of development the three of the 15/16 month olds are and all of the things in which they're interested. Here is how big our "babies" look these days:

In other news, I never gave an update on our experience with the newest cloth diaper, the Best Bottom diaper, so here it is:

  • Best Bottom (one-size): We got it in Chunky Monkey and I love the colors! We got the large sized snap-in inserts (one for regular wear & an extra overnight snap-in insert) and they seem to work well as we haven't had any leaks! I will say I'm not crazy about it though; the insert/liner almost always bunches up on Jack and it bugs me for some reason, but like I said they don't leak. The overnight insert has worked for us too, but it makes the diaper HUGE! It easily makes the diaper the biggest we own when doubled. They make a hemp liner but not in overnight (so you can snap the fleece on top for quick absorbency), I think that would be very helpful. It is a really neat concept to be able to switch out liners for a diaper change but the liners don't have a waterproof backing so I am fairly positive you'd have to wipe them out between uses (we wash ours after 1 use), and poop doesn't stay on the liner so I bet it'd be even worse for newborn poop. Overall, for day time use I really like this diaper but there are some downsides to it for us as well; maybe on a smaller baby it would fit better!

In other news, Matt & I are talking about trying to take a family vacation... we have no idea where or when but we know it should be low cost and driving distance. Although driving distance is definitely longer for us than most people are willing to do, we love road trips! We've driven to TX more than once, so a two-day drive is not out of the question for us. Please leave tips or suggestions that we'd all enjoy in the comments!

We're going to have a relatively low key weekend because Matt works tomorrow & has a golf outing for work on Sunday. Not crazy about not getting a lot of family time, but he was home all day & got some quality time with Jack so that is what is really important!

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