Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Long Week!

Wow... could not have been a longer week, I'm pretty sure! This week begun with an all day meeting at work plus business dinner, followed by 3 days of a work conference, then yesterday we went out with friends to see a comedian! It wasn't necessarily a bad week, just pretty insane!

So because of my crazy work week, and my torn feelings I've had lately, I decided to wean Jack. Emotionally it was definitely tough, being away from my baby boy and not even feeling that connection of nursing (even through pumping I could feel that connection); not to mention physically exhausting still trying to pump a little bit so I wasn't miserable! I've been giving him his bottles a lot over the past couple of days, so that has helped me get some snuggle time in with my baby boy.

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off so I could spend some time with Jack before our night out with friends. Jack actually spent the night with my parents last night and Matt & I stayed downtown at a hotel. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was especially tough because of not getting to see him much this week.

Today was a blast! We had some friends & their kids over for fun and pizza! It had been a while since we all got together with the kids, and it was really fun to get to see Jack interact with all of the kids. He definitely sat there for a while when all the kids got here and took it all in... took him a little while to warm up to it! I guess its just a test run to run with the big dogs before his cousins come to visit in a couple of weeks! There was minimal crying and swatting of others, and surprisingly he did okay sharing his toys, haha!

I did mention going on a business dinner earlier this week... after the craziness that was this week, I decided to amend my Lenten sacrifice. I know it may be cheating, but I realized that I couldn't simply not eat at my conference or skip out at business events. I am still sticking to making sure to take my lunch to work and will be adding the goal of working out (probably using the Wii Fit for 30 minutes) 4 times a week. I hope I can keep up with the Wii, I always feel better after working out but have a hard time staying motivated. I am in a wedding next fall and summer is coming up so I'd like to be in a little bit of better shape before getting into a swimsuit or bridesmaid dress!

In other news, please pray for the victims of the earthquake in Chile. My boss is from Chile and still has family there so I am sure he is very worried and I hope he will be able to get a hold of family and friends to make sure they're okay.

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  1. Hope you're week is less crazy this week and I hope you enjoyed your date night. I'm sure it was super hard leaving him but I think it makes us better mommies and daddies if we get away for a little while sometimes!