Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?!

Wow... Why is it that Tuesday evening, it feels like I've already worked a full 5 day week (and then some). I'm not complaining, I'd rather be busy with things to do especially because I feel very lucky to have a job in this economy.

Yesterday started out with a surprise that myself and a coworker were going to be presenting on a project to the head of R&D the next day (which would be today). This is not something that is taken very lightly by my department head... I kind of feel that sometimes he is a bit too controlling. I guess its good because he tends to be aware of what is going on, but sometimes it is hard to allow your personality to show through in your work. So, we worked on our presentation for a couple of hours, reviewed it with some senior members of our group (my direct boss included), and then putting the finishing touches on it. We reviewed it again today the hour before our meeting/presentation was scheduled and one women gets an email on her Blackberry saying that meeting is cancelled for this week. ARGH... well, our presentation is just being pushed back so we're at least prepared for when the presentation will actually happen. I am grateful for the opportunity to present to senior management. I've been told essentially that my presence isn't known at the company, and that's some of what needs to happen for me to have a chance of promotion. We've also got a lot of prep going on for our global R&D conference on top of our project load, so things are just all around super busy.

I am excited for tomorrow evening, there is a group of younger women from work getting together to play a game, drink some wine, and eat some yummy food. The summer before I got pregnant with Jack I played sand volleyball with some coworkers. Getting that time outside of work is really helpful in not only networking but being able to do things at work together. Not to mention, getting a girls' night will be a much welcomed break.

Things on the breastfeeding end of motherhood have been slightly discouraging lately. My supply seems to be going down a bit and I can't quite figure out why. I know Jack is eating more solid foods, but I keep reading that he's still supposed to be getting most of the nourishment from formula or breastmilk. But it seems that even though on the weekend when I'm nursing him full-time and only giving him solids after nursing, my supply is still low. I guess I shouldn't assume that my supply is going bad, but when I pump I'm getting far less than I had been (we're talking 50%). I keep toying with the idea of weaning him, but I don't know that I'm quite ready. I know it sounds selfish but I enjoy the time we get and honestly, I enjoy saving money. Haha, yes I know I've got weird reasons, but my feelings are all over the map on this topic!

Well, in more exciting news... JACK IS CRAWLING! He took his first on all-fours "steps" on Sunday and he's getting better and better every day. He is still doing a lot of moving around in any which way he can. Involving hands, knees, feet, and butt to get to whatever he wants... pretty cute! Luckily he's not too fast yet but we need to work on baby-proofing our house better.

Well, I'm beat and seriously need to get better sleep than I have the past couple of nights!


  1. I miss the days of getting together with co-workers outside of work. It's just not possible with the kids' activities and all the other things that go along with full-time jobs and family life. Enjoy your time! It sounds like fun.

  2. Congrats on the crawling and good luck on your presentation!