Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This weekend started off by getting an early release at work because of the snow coming down. I was really excited, but I do get very anxious driving in snow. I attribute it to the fact that the first time I ever drove in snow/winter conditions was when I got a car in college (I think it would've been winter 2006?); so less than 5 years. Not to mention driving in college shouldn't really count because I'm sure I avoided driving at all costs. I am getting more comfortable as time goes on, but its more the anticipation of having to drive in it that gets me! Long story short on the winter storm, we got a FOOT of snow! Now, I know that may not be a lot for many areas of the country, but in under 24 hours that happened fast in my opinion!

We're so lucky to have gotten the house we did... our neighbor used his snow blower over our driveway, sidewalk & front porch 2 or 3 times Friday when it was coming down so fast, and again Saturday! I am so grateful and want to bake something to take over because we're so thankful. Now don't get me wrong, Matt was out there shoveling too, but of course using the snow blower it went MUCH faster. As Matt said "He's gotten more done in 10 minutes then I did for 30 minutes of shoveling!". Here's a picture of Matt shoveling (I think he secretly enjoys it because we're new homeowners):

It looks kind of blurry because I was taking it through the screened window on our storm door. Our driveway is really wide back by the garage, wide enough for the 2 1/2 car garage at least! Matt did most of that, while our neighbor got the skinnier part of our driveway (we have a shared driveway), I'd say they did the same amount... just took way less time for our neighbor!

Here are a few pictures of Jack in the snow:

That's him Friday afternoon when I was home early from work... he was very perturbed because he couldn't move in his snowsuit!

This is a picture on Saturday after the snow had pretty much stopped... his legs are straight down in the snow! I know he's not that "tall", but I also doubt his legs were all the way to the grass.

So, in other exciting news... we got our stimulus check for our first time homebuyer incentive! (We had amended our 2008 taxes for the 2009 purchase as allowed by the credit)... Can't wait to use it to pay off what is left on our washer, dryer, stove & new carpet (we got those great deals of 12 months, same as cash). Then put the rest in savings! :-)

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  1. Adorable pictures! I can't believe all the snow. that's crazy!