Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Germany Day 3:Part 3

Thursday of our trip, we went to a very touristy place for dinner, the [original] Hofbrauhaus.  Here are some pictures from our night out at the beer hall!

German folk music being played near our table!  Of course the men were wearing the traditional lederhosen (the women were wearing their dirndls).

Matt enjoying his mas bier (1 liter of beer).

Me working on my mas bier and brezel (soft pretzel) after finishing dinner.  I seriously could have survived the entire trip on brezel!

Group shot!

The keg & all of the glasses.  Servers had to have a key in the entire time they were filling glasses and they essentially locked the taps out after filling what they needed.  I wouldn't be surprised if people had tried to get free refills before!

The shelf of glasses before our meal (plus some random dude).

The shelf of glasses towards the end of our meal... they had already started refilling it with clean ones.  We weren't there longer than 2 hours or so.
Next up: Skiing in the Alps!

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