Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Germany, Day 3: Part 2

The afternoon after going to see some churches in Munich, Matt and I went to the Olympic park.  The 1972 Olympics were held there and perhaps more known for the tragedy of the hostage situation and murder of the Israeli Olympic team.  The day we visited was very rainy and cold, they were also setting up for another event so the pictures probably aren't the best.

The Olympic tower.

Main event indoor stadium... from what we can tell they use it for concerts and other events these days.

The swim hall, we peeked in and it was HUGE!

A really cool view of some awnings over a main walk I believe between the main building and the stadium.

A view of the stadium, every building seemed to be partially in the ground.  Nothing looked that big as you were walking up to it, but it was because over half of the structure was underground!

A close-up of the HUGE awnings... I couldn't tell if they were made of glass or some type of plastic, but they were very cool up close!

The soccer arena.

They were setting up for the downhill speed ice-skating race sponsored by Red Bull.  It looked CRAZY!

Me and the hubby waiting for the U-bahn to head back into town to meet Patch for dinner!

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