Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's day... I'll call it my 1st official Mother's Day, but I really feel like that was last year (when I was as big as a house!) Here's a reminder of a year ago [today]:

Me & Jack, Mother's Day 2009 (5/10/09)

Me & Jack, Mother's Day 2010 (5/9/10)

To give you perspective, on Mother's Day 2009, I had gained almost double what Jack weighs now.... haha! You can do the math/guess-work!

Anyway, my Mother's day was great! I got to sleep in... woke up to breakfast cooked by my WONDERFUL husband! My favorite: over-easy eggs with toast and bacon. We went to Mass, and were late (first time since Jack was born), and then lunch at Jason's Deli! If you aren't familiar with my Jason's Deli obsession, let's just say... baked potato as big as my head and I'm a carb-aholic! Not to mention, Jason's is from Beaumont, TX and they finally made it all the way up to Ohio (less than 10 min from our house!). Seriously, I'm obsessed with Jason's!

Oh, back to Mother's Day (*snaps out of it*)... Matt got me this great silhouette of Jack and I'll have to post a picture of it later because our camera card is full. Also, I got some roses from Matt and some flowers from Jack (with a little help from Grandma!)

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  1. I remember my 1st Mother's Day! 25 years ago today (May 12, 1985) our beautiful baby girl, Natalie, was born. She has been a blessing every day since. Happy Birthday! Love, Mom