Monday, May 3, 2010

I Should be in Bed...

But, I'm up because I can't sleep.... and why can't I sleep, might you ask? Because I am a super irrational mommy. Jack has a doctor's appointment to get his ears checked tomorrow morning... if the pediatrician doesn't like what she sees (after he's had 3 rounds of antibiotics), we're going to have to see the ENT specialist.

Jack has been kinda messing with his ears the past few evenings and I am so paranoid that he has another ear infection. Other than messing with them he's been in a great mood, but then again he wasn't even pulling his ear 6 weeks ago at his 9 month check-up and we found out he had an ear infection. That's what happens when you have a happy baby like we do... lucky in most situations, I would prefer to have some symptoms when my son is sick. No mom likes their kid to be in pain or sick, makes me feel worse when I don't even notice!

Well... I'm off to try and get sleepy enough to where I can finally fall asleep. Possibly read up on treatments the ENT is gonna recommend (which, let's be honest is gonna be tubes) because I love to torture myself...

Yours irrationally,

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