Monday, May 3, 2010

Ear Re-Check!

The check-up went pretty well this morning. Jack does not have any infection in his ears, but both have some amount of fluid.

Our pediatrician still wants us to take him to see an ENT specialist. Specifically to get his hearing checked to make sure that the past 5 months of constant fluid in his ears isn't affecting his hearing. She said no rush but to still make the appointment to ensure that at this crucial point for his speech development we want to make sure he can hear clearly.

She gave us a list of recommendations so we'll be sorting through those over the next few days and hopefully get in with someone soon!

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  1. It is yours and Matt's decision about whether or not to get tubes. Do what you feel is right. Having said that though, my son had 3 sets of tubes starting at 9 months old. I kept saying I would never make him go through that again but after daily antibiotics for continuous ear infections I relented. The 3rd time they took his adenoids (sp?) and he has been fine ever since. I have also heard about people using chiropractors instead of tubes.