Monday, January 11, 2010

Seemed to be a Full Weekend

While we didn't have a lot going on, this past weekend seemed very busy! Friday night we just stayed in, Matt & I watched a movie we Netflix-ed over 3 months ago. Definitely a good reason why we use Netflix, with being so busy moving into our house, Texas for Thanksgiving, then Christmas & New Years we finally got around to watching it. It was Swing Vote and I thought it was very good. I do enjoy Kevin Costner in the things I've seen him in and he didn't disappoint. The movie had a good "moral to the story" of being involved in our civic duty and taking full advantage of our right to vote. I try to vote every chance I get and to be educated on the issues, but it is definitely hard. Something I'll always try to do better at... especially because I have a friend who is very into politics and is always a good resource for a perspective and breaking things down. Although we don't always agree on which side of the issue we're on, I always enjoy hearing other perspectives... it either reaffirms my point of view or gives me a way to think about an issue that I never had before.

Saturday morning we did Jack's 6 month pictures (yes, I realize he's getting close to the 7 month mark) but it was a lot of fun. Although, Jack (normally a very smiley baby) was not in the best mood our friend & photographer Brooke (with Cherished Moments Photography) always gets great pictures! I know the pictures will be beautiful even with his straight face. Much to my disappointment, Matt had to go to Toledo on Saturday to take care of a customer. I understand him having to go, but it was a bummer because he only had Saturday scheduled off this weekend. Saturday evening, Matt and I went to dinner to celebrate our 2nd anniversary at the 94th Aerosquadron. That is the restaurant where Matt proposed to me over 3 years ago and also where we had our rehearsal dinner (2 years ago today). It is DELICIOUS and I do my best to try something new every time we go. It is a more expensive restaurant so we usually only go for our anniversary to treat ourselves! Here is a picture of us from our dinner. (The fireplace behind us was right next to our table where he proposed.)(I'm not exactly thrilled with how I look... makes me realize I need to try and get in better post-baby shape! Oh well, I'll either get back or get pregnant before then... haha)

Sunday, Matt had to work so Jack and I took him lunch to help make it easier that he had to be working all weekend. Not to mention, he has to go out of town this weekend for a lacrosse convention. He is very excited for the Friday night speaker though, he gets to see Lou Holtz!

Well, here are some cute pictures of Jack from recently to finish out the post:Jack playing with tupperware bowls & his Gerber spoons. Daddy thought the bowl on the head was a great hat.

Daddy giving him another hat using one of his stacking cups... his eyes make him look a little out of it, but he was having fun!


  1. What a cutie pie, your Jack! And I think you look great!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I actually am usually pretty happy with my post-baby body... this picture is just a terrible picture IMO!

  3. He is adorable and you look great, too!