Friday, January 1, 2010

A Crazy Few Days!

Wednesday morning we were woken by my father-in-law calling at 4 am... I immediately knew this wasn't going to be good. My mind raced to the elderly grandparents, but we didn't know what was coming. My mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital early Wednesday in the middle of a heart attack. We are very blessed by the doctors and nurses at Mt. Carmel East hospital for the speedy work and gifted hands they used to save her life. We are also very lucky that after a minor surgery she is home, recovering & resting comfortably.

For those who heard through the grapevine, our prayer request... "Thank you". Please continue to pray for her speedy recovery!

We spend much of the past two days on the east side of town in the hospital. My parents watched Jack because children under 13 are not allowed as "visitors" due to H1N1. I knew that I wanted to be there for not only my in-laws but mainly to support my husband. I feel like this was one of the first situations where I had to choose between my husband and child in a way. I never thought twice to support my husband (as we discussed with Fr. Lonzo before getting married) in a time when I feel like he needed me a lot, my son was in the capable, loving hands of his grandparents. It only reaffirms my feelings that the best way to raise my son to be a loving husband and father is to be able to show him what a healthy strong, marriage looks like.

While I am still nursing, the past few days were rough. There wasn't every a good time or place to pump or to get back to my parents' house to nurse Jack. I am sure my supply is not doing so well, but I have nursed Jack all day (except one bottle this morning) and I plan on pumping this weekend to help boost my supply. This will be the 2nd major bout of supplementation we've had to do for Jack and I hope that my supply is able to bounce back as it did before. We shall see!

Also, to all the women out there... it is scary moments like the one in my family this past week that help us to realize how much we need to take care of ourselves. This goes for all guys too, but with heart disease as the number 1 killer of women I feel like it is especially important to offer a reminder. I hope everyone has made a New Years resolution to take good care of themselves.

Thanks again for all of the prayers! Happy New Years!


  1. Glad everything is okay! I will keep praying for her recovery.

  2. I'm glad she is recovering. And that is rough on nursing (the separation). Good for you doing what you need to do to keep nursing! Prayers said for your family during this time.