Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 7

Today I am thankful for my job.  Sometimes it is hard for me to remember to be thankful for my job... that really sounds terrible, doesn't it?  In this economy I should always be thankful for being gainfully employed, right?  No matter what path I take (or am dealt) in life, I know there is stress and aspects I will not like.

I work with a pretty awesome group of people... seriously.  Everyone is super supportive of each other.  It sounds cheesy, but we are definitely more like a family (at least in our building).  Aside from helping each other out with work projects, we bicker and poke fun at each other, play practical jokes, debate politics, and bring in surprise treats for our coworkers.  I've gotten to sit in next to the same person for the past 5+ years; she and I have both sat next to each other during the times when we were planning our  weddings, just got married, and had our babies.  (In fact we just moved desks and we are both still sitting next to each other.)  I have coworkers that have given me hand-me-down clothes and shoes their kids have out grown!  The support we provide each other at work goes more than just Monday-Friday during business hours, because goodness knows we certainly aren't working just 40 hours a week.  I truly believe that no matter what you are getting paid to do, if you don't like (or even try to appreciate) the people you're working with you will be miserable!

Sometimes work gets busy... and we're talking the crazy insane amount of busy because I feel like the "normal" is busy compared to some companies.  (I guess everyone feels that way...)  When things aren't the "bad kind" of busy (and by that I mean things falling apart left and right), I remember to enjoy the challenges and fast-paced nature of my job... there's never a dull moment (see previous paragraph about practical jokes).

There's also the support from management for personal/professional development that I get at work.  If I want to attend a conference or training opportunity, it is almost always a given that I will get to go.  Okay, there was one time where a coworker and I tried to convince our boss that an industry related conference in Hawaii was absolutely necessary... that travel didn't get approved.  This week I'm attending a training course in San Francisco, CA and while I don't have time during the day to do any sight-seeing, I am in SAN FRANCISCO!  You better believe I am going to see some of the city while I'm here!  I have talked about the possibility of graduate school in a previous post... my company wholeheartedly supports and encourages my pursuit of that opportunity.  If I go that route, I just have to figure out something that works for me personally and that I truly want to pursue.

As a company and specifically in our department we do a lot of outreach.  Whether it's company time to go participate in our county United Way volunteer day, hosting and sponsoring a camp for girls entering the 8th grade interested in science/engineering, or providing exhibit days down at our local science museum.  This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I am proud to work for my company.  There are a lot of people who have negative things to say about a lot of corporations, including the one I work for, but I don't think most people know the types of things that they do that are more than just producing a product (or providing a service).

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