Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 11

Today I am grateful for weekends, so VERY thankful for family filled weekends.  After being away from my boys for 3 nights (and almost 4 full days), I was very thankful to have a whole weekend to enjoy my little guys.  (Unfortunately, Matt had to work today so it wasn't a whole weekend with all of my guys.)

Yesterday, Jack and I had our own little Mother-Son outing.  We only went to Kohl's & then to Target, but it was fun with just the two of us!  I don't always realize what a smart & funny boy he is!  He was cracking me up the entire time and he was on his best behavior... well, for a 3 year old!  When we first got to Kohl's we walked by the jewelry section and he pulled me over.  He was looking at "all these rings!" and then pointed to a piece and said "Mommy, can I get that 'parkily thing for you?!"  He is such a sweet boy.  This doesn't include the fact that he was talking about "the digger at the store with the rings" when we were on the way to the store.  Matt's response to this story was "That's my boy!"  As if I needed another reason for me to think that he will make a wonderful husband for a young lady someday...

Picking out jewelry!

Jack helped pick out a bow-tie for his uncle's birthday present and then patiently waited in line while we returned something and then bought the gift.  We went across the street to Target to get a couple of cards.  When we were driving over he said "I didn't know there was a Target by Kohl's? Oh, but there are Targets all over this city!".  What a goof-ball... and yes, Target is quite possibly his favorite store!  We enjoyed some popcorn and slushies to round out our Mother-Son outing.

Today we had Christopher's 1 year pictures by my wonderful friend Brooke owner of Cherished Moments Photography.  Christopher had an awesome 1.5-2 hour nap, which is close to record breaking for him, right before we had to leave.  Both boys were in great moods the entire time!  Christopher was happy and we got some awesome shots (that's no surprise, thanks Brooke!) and Jack got to play with his friends, Brooke's girls.  They were all so good she and I braved taking all 5 kids to dinner by ourselves.  And yes, while we were pushing our luck the kids were pretty decent throughout dinner.

Feeling very blessed tonight :-)

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