Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 12

Today's post is about being thankful for diversity for thought.

Now that the election has wrapped up, most of the posts (Facebook, blogs, etc.) around politics have died down.  (That's another thing I am definitely thankful for.)  I am not terribly political in the sense that I follow all of the politicians all of the time (career politics = yuck)... but don't take that to mean I am not an informed voter because I absolutely do my best to make sure I am informed!  There are certain topics for me that are not debatable from a morality standpoint (look for one or two posts on that in the future), but a lot of things surrounding government infrastructure, economic policies, etc. are things that I think discussion and eventually compromise needs to occur.

I truly believe that without diversity of thought on the tough topics we face we will not find the best path forward for our country.  My hope and prayer is that while many of us have differing views on what is right we can come together to find a realistic path forward.

Scientific experimentation and discovery is all about taking what we know to make life better/easier/longer.  Where would we be if we have new or different ways to think about solving a problem?  We'd likely not have electricity, cars to drive, or maybe even live in this great country of ours.  Thank goodness for people who "think outside the box"!

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