Monday, July 2, 2012

And We're Off!

Christopher is officially 8 months old and approximately 19 pounds (as measured by the weight by loss method on our home scale).  He has been crawling for a couple of weeks now and is getting quicker every day.  His favorite room to go to is our bathroom, hence why Matt is standing in the bathroom as Christopher makes a beeline for the doorway.  He also heads straight for his big brother's toys... especially Jack's train tracks.  Jack feels it is his responsibility to always take things away from Christopher & tell him no... even if it is a toy that is perfectly fine for Christopher to play with.  Bossy big brother much?

Christopher is pretty regularly eating two solid food "meals" a day outside of nursing or getting breastmilk in a bottle.  He's had peas, carrots, green beans and most recently squash.  The only thing he has consistently made a face at has been peas.  Oh well..

He LOVES swimming in the pool and swinging on the play set.  Though he does get a bit ticked when the sun is in his eyes and he can't quite figure out how to make that stop (by you know, closing his eyes).
My little Mama's boy!

Silly boy!

I LOVE this picture... so sweet!
Happy early 4th of July everyone!

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