Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Desperate Need of A Creative Outlet

I am in major need for a creative outlet... feeling a bit stuck in the "everyday" of everything.  I am definitely not unhappy by any means, I am loving every minute of my family.  I loved my art classes in high school and never got to take any in college (due to my course schedule to complete my requirements).  I am just feeling like I need to do a little something creative to wind down and give me a change of pace from work.  Blogging is one way I try to do that but I'm definitely not a creative writer, things I write about here are pretty factual.  My problem is that I feel like I can't do anything creative without some sort of end goal or productive end.

Last Christmas we made homemade vanilla for our all of our family.  It was a project we started when I was 8 months pregnant with Christopher and finished up with the bottling after the aging process just before the holidays.  My aunt kept saying how much she loved the vanilla and mentioned a family friend who makes perfumes and body care things. That idea keeps rolling around in my head... I am a formulations chemist for a big product development company, but this would be something so much more low key, yet still kind of technical (let's face it I'm still a nerd at heart).  I keep playing around with the idea of doing it on a scale large enough to do craft shows or maybe even an Etsy shop... am I crazy?  Probably...

I am also going to start doing a bit of printmaking.  I have not done it since high school art classes, but it was possibly my favorite of all of the media we worked with.  Again with my "practical" side influencing me, it would be fun to make stationery or cards with my designs.  Just thinking about getting started is relaxing!

I've added a poll on the side of my blog that I'd love for you to vote on things I should try to do to include in possible craft shows and/or Etsy shop.  I'll definitely be playing around for a bit before I do anything.  Maybe I'll be looking for people to test my products and let me know what they think!

What do you all do to unwind from the craziness of everyday life?

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