Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jack!

On this Father's day, we're also celebrating the very person who made my husband a father.  Jack turns 3 today!

June 17, 2009

With Mommy & Daddy at his 1st birthday party!
Jack's first day of school!  (September 15, 2011)

Dear Jack,

My sweet baby boy, I can not believe how big you have gotten this past year!  I don't mean big in the physical sense but you have become such a big boy in your personality this year.  This year you became a big brother and oh, you are the BEST big brother I could ask for your little brother.  You were so sweet to your baby brother from the moment he was born.  I love to see how good you are to him, encouraging him to do new things (like crawl) by cheering "you can do it Chrisfer!"

You finished up your first year of school going to Seton Preschool at Grandma's church this past year.  You cried on your first day and it broke my heart, but ever since that first day you LOVED going to school to see Miss Anna and Miss Kathy.  You made some adorable new friends and learned so much in class.  It makes me so proud to think of how much you have accomplished this year!  A year ago you were in diapers 24/7, now you use the "big potty".  You now love to sing the ABC's over and over again instead of Mommy or Daddy singing songs to you.  We had to get you a new bike helmet this year because your head grew so much!

You [still] love to be outside all.the.time.  Now you're riding your bike by yourself, playing lacrosse in the back yard with Daddy and catching bugs.  You really are all boy!  We want to have a backyard campout this summer because I think you will love sleeping outside!

You are so very full of personality as evident in your 3 year old pictures!  You're funny and crazy, but stubborn just like your mommy.  I love continuing to watch you grow up in to such an amazing big boy!

Love you little man!


You were cracking up so hard at something silly Daddy said that you covered your face!  So dramatic!

Looking like such a big boy!

Opening a present at your birthday party yesterday (June 16, 2012)

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