Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Circus!

I've been pretty terrible about doing family updates lately, so here's one to try cover the month of May!
Matt and Jack on the see-saw at our parish elementary school (where we hope to one day send Jack).

Jack eating ice cream at Dairy Queen with Bapie and DzaDza (Matt's parents)!

We got to go to the circus on my birthday and it was awesome!  I hadn't been to the circus in years, but when the opportunity came up through my work to get discounted tickets I knew Jack would love it!  Matt had to work that day, but luckily got a couple of hours off to come with us.  Our seats were probably about 15-20 rows back from the floor of the arena and our section was configured strange so that we ended up with only 3 seats on our side of the aisle and we got them all.  Could not have been a more perfect excursion!

Matt and Jack checking everything out!

Trying to take pictures with my phone

Daddy snuggles!  Jack was definitely getting tired by the end!

Me and baby boy, who did enjoy it, but had to take a nap in the middle!

The elephants were my favorite and I'm pretty sure Jack loved them the most too!
This next week I'm going to a conference and I'm bringing the whole family so they can enjoy the town where the conference!  Hopefully I'll be able to have a bit of fun with them!

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