Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Updates!

I just realized I never got to post any pictures from 4th of July!  Here are a couple of my favorites from our walk to the downtown parade.

Jack loves his American flag that they handed out to the kids.  This picture of my guys is pretty much adorable if you ask me!

Jack and I walking home... he looks so big here!  You can see that he definitely takes after his father because he's so tall!
We also attended a baby shower for Matt's cousin and his other cousin's wife while they were in town from Georgia!  It was actually the first time one couple had gotten to see Jack.

All of us pregnant ladies!  That's me on the left (I got my hair chopped off!), my SIL (due less than a week after me), Megan (Matt's cousin), and Lauren (Matt's cousin's wife)... I love being pregnant in groups apparently!
Last week, I had another doctor's appointment and got my blood work done for my glucose screening.  My doctor was happy with my weight gain catching up to approximately where it should be at this point in my pregnancy.  I wasn't necessarily surprised that I had caught up because I have been feeling big (and sore) lately.  Back pain has definitely gotten worse and just this week I'm starting to notice more pressure in my hips.  My doctor mentioned that I'm carrying low, especially compared to how I did with Jack, and said that can make the back pain worse.  She recommended a pregnancy support belt, so I got one and will be trying it out for a couple of days to see if it helps.  I just hope it doesn't make this week's unbearable heat any less bearable.  Here's a belly picture from yesterday:

Approximately 25 1/2 weeks along!  I don't think I look much bigger than my last picture, but I feel it!

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