Friday, July 8, 2011

Adventures in the Big Boy Bed (part 3)

I realized its been over a week since I posted on Jack's transition into his twin bed.  If you're interested in reading the first two posts you can do so here and here.

Things have been getting better for the most part!  Jack has only fallen out of bed once since the last post.  He has been sleeping through the night... but instead of sleeping until 7:30-8 a.m., he's waking up at 6:30 and coming to our room.  That's ok... I can handle that, especially since I usually try to wake up to get ready for work around 6:45-7 a.m, but I feel bad for Matt who has to get up earlier in comparison.  On the weekends he will still come to our room, but we can convince him to lay in between us for a bit longer!  The things I'm still not that crazy about, but am not willing to disrupt at this point, are:
  1. He still wants someone to lay with him as he falls asleep (usually Daddy), which typically means one of us ends up falling asleep with him.  He's still our little boy, what's wrong with getting some snuggles?
  2. Pacifiers, he still has two (one in his mouth & one in his hand), but we've at least gotten him to the point that he knows they're only for when he's sleeping.  Sometimes he'll run into his room and climb in bed just to suck on a pacifier for a couple of seconds.  He usually leaves them right on his pillow, so hopefully we can wean him off those soon enough.
  3. We still leave each of our bedroom doors open (cracked) and the hallway light on, and I really hate wasting electricity.  I worry that he'll bump into things during the night if he tries to get to our room... paranoid I'm sure, but there aren't any outlets in our hallway that we could put a small plug-in light-sensing nightlight.
We did end up purchasing a Cloud B Twilight Turtle, which is essentially a fancy nightlight, to step Jack up from the music/light combo crib noisemaker.  He does really enjoy it now, but the first night I wasn't so sure it was a great idea.  He thought it was a great toy and just giggled and kept pressing buttons to change the color of the lights or turn it off & on. 

  • Plush for the most part (the shell that the stars are cut out of is thin plastic).
  • Easy for Jack to turn on (in case he wakes in the middle of the night) and off... and change the color lights.
  • The timer; it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes so it doesn't run the batteries down.
  • The stars actually form constellations, so we can start showing him those when he's a bit older (right now he just likes to find the moon out of all of the stars)
  • No white noise/music... and I think this is just because Jack really liked the noise, but I didn't find anything I liked that wasn't meant for a crib.
  • Kind of pricey for what it really is (a nightlight); I suppose we could have found another nightlight for a cheaper price, but I got kind of desperate when he kept waking up at 2 a.m.

Disclaimer: The brief review of the Cloud B Twilight Turtle was not solicited in any way.  The information is this post is based only on my experience.

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