Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

I grew up going to the pool in the summer, and doing swim lessons ever summer until middle school/junior high age.  I partially grew up in Texas, where you can swim nearly 5 months out of the year... let's be honest it was hot enough that it is necessary to go to the pool.

One of the best parts of my job are the benefits; we actually have a park and pool on-site free for employees to use during the summer!  A number of the lifeguards are certified Red Cross swim instructors, so they also offer 3-2 week sessions of swim lessons.  We missed the first session because of vacation (and I pretty much forgot to sign-up), but we participated in the 2nd session, which just ended! 

This was during the first lesson... I didn't really have to hold on to him because he had such a tight grip on me!  It felt like being a tree frog's mom because he just stuck to me!

It got better slowly!  He actually let himself be taken by his teacher to work on kicking during the lessons!

His favorite "game" is the mat races... he just finished showing Daddy how fast he could go!

There's my big boy, enjoying the 2' section walking around without any fear!  He is holding onto the wall here, but he has no qualms walking around and even getting his head wet isn't a big deal!  He's even gone off the diving board (being caught by his teacher, of course) a handful of times!
It has been quite a roller coaster so far and Jack has definitely improved, but he still has his moments!  We start the next session this evening, so I'm hoping he continues to improve and get more comfortable in the water!

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